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From soft and plush underfoot to muffling footsteps to adding a secondary visual and textural element to your room, what's not to love about residential carpet?

A cozy, comforting staple of homes and apartments in the present, carpets have existed in some form since the appearance of rugs in the Persian empire. Today, carpet expands the protective properties of a rug and functions as a similar statement piece. Now, almost every home developed over the past 25 years has included carpet for these reasons, as well as to create a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter. And as tastes and protective needs vary, so do carpet constructions: Explore wool, nylon, polyester and more materials in low and high piles across a spectrum of colors and patterns at Georgia Carpet.


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The Appeal of Residential Carpet

By tufting yarn fibers to a backing, carpet brings color, comfort and stability to residential environments - from living rooms and doorways to bedrooms, home offices, play areas, basements and enclosed patios. Typically the last piece added during a new home build, remodel or renovation, carpeting is usually installed over a carpet pad - a material that absorbs impact and controls wrinkling to manage your carpet's lifespan and protect your floors.

But what makes residential carpet so appealing? Wearability is the key. It's a tough product, made from twisted yarn fibers, before being dyed and sewn to a sturdy backing - a process called tufting. Stain-resistant and increasingly antimicrobial treatments are added as a secondary protective measure. As a result, liquids and soils - and even red wine - are all no match for correctly treated carpets.

A leader in the industry since 1969, Georgia Carpet impresses with an expansive selection of stain-resistant residential carpets that are strong yet soft. While nylon and polyester are the most used fiber types, Mohawk has transformed the carpet industry with Stainmaster®. This thoroughly durable fiber repels stains, making it a perfect candidate for demanding environments, including for busy families and households with pets. Mohawk Smartstrand is another excellent option for large households or those who want worry-free flooring.

Colors and Patterns for Residential Carpeting

Color, pattern and texture make a carpet visually and physically appealing. In turn, deciding what design to choose is difficult because you want the perfect match for your area. Flooring options are one of the most debated subjects in marriages or between roommates. Budgets, style differences and how you want your living space to look are common issues you can run into. But with carpet, whether cheap or not, you can accent any room with details that incorporate both individuals' preferences. Colored carpet paints a landscape worthy of nobility and is coveted by all.

Low-Pile vs. High-Pile Carpets

At the intersection of texture and maintenance, homeowners run into one conundrum: The differences between low- and high-pile carpets.

"Pile," as a term, describes the length of the fibers or loops composing the carpet. Between these two choices:

  • High pile equals more texture. Many associate these longer, taller fibers with shag carpets, but today, their construction delivers a plush, ultra-soft feel with undulating, tactile definition and often an insulating effect. On the other hand, more intensive and regular cleanings are needed to maintain their appearance - from removing dirt and debris near the base to minimizing matting and discoloring. As a result, high-pile carpets are better suited to relaxation, occasional and entertainment spaces.
  • Low piles come with less maintenance: Shorter tufts are closer to the base and therefore easier to sweep, vacuum and maintain. A practical choice, these residential carpets are also less likely to hold onto allergens and stain-causing substances, create a smoother, flatter surface and take longer to show matting when placed in high-traffic areas.

Ordering Residential Carpet From Georgia Carpet

Here in Dalton, GA, carpet is king. We are located in the carpet capital of the world, which means we have discount carpets galore. From carpet rolls to carpet pads, you are sure to find everything you need for your residential space.

In the age of technology and innovation, buying carpet online should be easy. And selecting from our large variety of beautiful colors and patterns is just as simple. Whether it is wool, Berber or frieze-style carpet, all you have to do is filter out exactly what you want. Get your search started with our three tips for buying carpet. We also offer an extensive selection of residential soft carpeting from a wide range of manufacturers, such as Shaw, Fabrica, Masland and Stanton, as well as our Georgia Carpet Private Label. Contact us for a free carpet quote.

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