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What Is The Best Type of Flooring For A House With Pets?

When shopping for flooring for your home, there are so many options to choose from. You want to pick something that will accommodate your needs and your pet’s needs. Your furry friends are part of the home and deserve the best of the best. So from hardwood to tile, carpet, and everything in between, what is really the best flooring option for a house full of critters?



You want to look for products that are easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Even with the most well-trained pets, spills and messes are bound to occur. For this reason, solid hardwood floors are usually out of the question. The stress of having to quickly clean up any moisture so it doesn't stain or damage the planks is oftentimes more time consuming than taking care of the animals themselves. Hardwood also scratches easily so if you’re worried about small scrapes from pet nails, this is not the best choice for you. Ideally, tile would be great against moisture and accidents. The downside to this actually lies in the comfort aspect. Tile is cold and hard so for little paws, it’s not the most soothing. It can also be a little slippery for padded feet so if your pets are high energy and like to run around, they risk falls and accidents.

One would think carpet is the better option for comfort and safety but it actually brings up new problems. With carpet, pet fur and dirt can get trapped in the fibers. This also allows pests like ticks and fleas to make a home there as well. The best option for your pet-filled home is going to be luxury vinyl planks! LVP is generally inexpensive and has many style options available. You can get the look of hardwood or stone without the downsides for your furry friends. This flooring is highly water-resistant and some even come in waterproof options. You will never have to worry about hidden splashes or accidents that didn’t quite get cleaned up. It is easy to clean and maintain, perfect for busy pet-owners. A simple mop or vacuum will take care of it. The stain resistance of these planks is especially comforting when it comes to accidents and food spills. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also scratch-resistant and has good traction for paws. It holds up well against all the problems life (or pets) may throw at you. Aside from its amazing durability, LVP is comfortable for pets. It doesn’t hold coldness like tile or have the hard feel of hardwood. Your furry family will be able to relax on this flooring. Luxury vinyl also creates minimal noise when it comes to the clacking and clicking of paws and claws. For the pet-filled household, it is clear that LVP is the best option in flooring. Here at Georgia Carpet Industries, we have many brands and styles of luxury vinyl flooring for you to choose from.

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