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Luxury vinyl flooring has become a household term. What started a little over 25 years ago as a revolutionary flooring idea, has founded the state of the flooring industry. More and more home flooring covering companies are turning and guiding the every-so-handy DIY homeowners towards vinyl flooring. But what makes vinyl flooring so sought after? After all it is just vinyl. At Georgia Carpet vinyl is a prevalent and well stocked flooring category, especially waterproof luxury vinyl plank. But we would like to distinguish between the differences in sheet vinyl, linoleum, and luxury vinyl. In this way, you can navigate to the online flooring brand that you need, whether its a cheap sheet vinyl option or a discounted linoleum floor, or a waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. Both linoleum and sheet vinyl belong to the resilient category, yet have different aspects, turning different results. A key component of resilient flooring is the wearability of the product. Though made from different materials, linoleum and vinyl are both water resistant and durable flooring options. Linoleum is a cheap floor that is used primarily in spec homes. Sheet vinyl is the same, but not as durable, yet inexpensive to buy online. Both of these categories are slowly disappearing behind the mass contract of the luxury vinyl launch . As we revolutionize flooring ideas to perform with the needs of vigorous family lifestyles, luxury vinyl plank, or luxury vinyl tile as its called, have changed the face of the flooring industry for the long-haul. The major science is the ability to be waterproof and practically dent proof, while offering an array of thicknesses, colors, designs, and patterns. Homes can be completely reshaped and almost indestructible to foot traffic. Sheet vinyl and linoleum come in rolls, continuously repeating the same pattern. Yet, luxury vinyl is designed in individual pieces, giving precedence to non-repetitive options. Key manufacturers and discounted brands like Mannington Adura, Shaw Floorte, Karndean and Congoleum are taking advantage of the vinyl tile flooring sector. These flooring leaders are driving diverse markets into this luxury vinyl tile driven age. Take the easiest and most effective route and buy vinyl tile online at Georgia Carpet Industries.



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