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Carpet Pads and Other Residential and Commercial Products

Many consumers believe carpet padding or cushioning is added for the purpose of comfort while walking. However, these solutions primarily preserve the carpet's appearance and integrity, absorbing the impact the material would otherwise be subjected to. Repeatedly walking or rolling objects over the surface can cause the synthetic latex to break down, stretch the backing or even separate the primary backing from the secondary backing. You may be surprised to know that the best-performing carpet cushion actually provides less comfort. Explore all solutions available at Georgia Carpet.


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What Does Carpet Padding Do?

Carpet pads are a cushioned sheet of foam, fiber or nylon placed under your carpet. This material:

  • Helps your carpet lay better on your floors.
  • Creates a barrier between your carpet and the floor to minimize wear - both to your floors and the carpet.
  • Comes in varying thicknesses and densities that should be selected based on your carpet's composition rather than comfort level.
  • Helps absorb stains before they pass through to the subfloor.
  • Provides a degree of soundproofing and insulation.
  • Reduces wrinkling and buckling.

Common Carpet Pad Materials

Carpet pads are typically constructed out of the following:

  • Foam: This is a pad made from synthetic foam and typically offers a high degree of durability for the price. Solutions include bonded foam, a reclaimed or recycled material, or prime foam, a newly manufactured product.
  • Synthetic fiber: These carpet pads made from polyester or nylon accommodate the demands of commercial spaces.
  • Memory foam: Memory foam carpet pads add extra softness and responsiveness to low-traffic areas of the home.
  • Felt: Felt pads are a more adaptable solution that additionally provides improved soundproofing and temperature control.

For choosing a carpet pad:

  • Understand that denser carpet pads (between six and eight pounds) last longer than lighter materials.
  • Carpet pads measuring ½-inch or thinner are ideal for residential carpets.
  • For commercial and low-pile carpets, look for a stiffer pad measuring 3/8-inch thick or less.

As you prepare to upgrade your home with new carpet, don't forget about an appropriate padding solution. Browse products from Dixie, Fabrica, Shaw, Mohawk and more brands now at Georgia Carpet to find the right thickness and material for your application and space.

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