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The time has finally come to replace the carpet in your home or office, but there are many options on the market. You want something that is going to match your décor and color scheme, while also highlighting your unique personality and lasting for a long time. You probably also have a budget in mind, and going over isn't an option.

When choosing carpet for your home, the process can be very confusing. There are so many different types of carpet, as well as styles, colors, patterns, thicknesses, sizes and materials to choose from that the decision can feel overwhelming. Do you choose carpet tiles or broadloom carpet? Why should you choose broadloom carpet over other options?

If you are a person with little experience in the carpet world, you may not know what to look for, and deciphering the differences between the various carpet options can be confounding. That's why the experts at Georgia Carpet are here to help explain why you might want to choose broadloom carpet for your home.

We know that purchasing carpet is a big commitment, not only for financial reasons, but also because once it is chosen, you and your family have to live with it for years to come. This makes the decision incredibly stressful for a lot of homeowners and families. You don't want to look down at your flooring and feel resentment or regret.

Take a deep breath and let us walk you through the best options for your home that are budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Wall-to-Wall Luxury

One type of carpet that is extremely luxurious looking and a popular choice is broadloom carpet. Broadloom is a type of carpet woven on a wide loom, so it's all one single piece without any breaks or seams. Broadloom is a great carpet choice because it is a wide carpet that can go from wall-to-wall in a large room, and you don't have to worry about unsightly seams or trying to match patterns.

Wondering how wide is broadloom carpet? A roll of broadloom carpet is typically 12 feet wide, but it can also be made in varying widths, including 13 feet 2 inches, 13 feet 6 inches or sometimes even as wide as 15 feet.

Different Types of Broadloom

The reason a lot of people choose this type of carpet is because it can stretch across the entire width of the room and be cut to the length needed for the room. This is beneficial because then you do not need to create seams in the carpet. Without seams, this creates a more cohesive look for the room without any areas that can fray, snag or lift. Carpet that completely covers the floor in a space is called wall-to-wall carpet, and most people agree that a plush wall-to-wall carpet has a certain look of luxury that can't be duplicated by other flooring options.

Colors and Styles for Every Space

Broadloom carpet is extremely versatile and comes in a variety of colors and styles that can fit any space or home color scheme. From traditional to modern to eclectic, the specifics of what type of carpet you can get in broadloom form is extensive.

There is a large range of options when it comes to the material, still and even the thickness of the carpet. Broadloom carpets are made from a variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fibers to natural wool fibers.

Depending on your specific needs or budget, you can pretty much find whatever you're looking for in broadloom in terms of material, color, style and more. One important tip is to choose a good padding to go underneath the carpet to have a great cushion and to make the flooring comfortable on your feet.

A Beautiful Broadloom Rug

If you don't need wall-to-wall carpet, buyers can purchase area rugs made from broadloom. This option is more cost-efficient than pre-made rugs, as broadloom carpet can easily be finished into an area rug, allowing you to choose the exact dimensions and style you need for your space.

If you need a rug that is 12 feet wide (or the other width options broadloom comes in), this would be a great way to turn your favorite broadloom carpet roll into a bound broadloom area rug to save some money. Custom-making your own area rug also gives more options, since it's difficult to get a pre-made rug up to 12 feet wide. Broadloom rugs can also be cut into unique shapes to fit into specific areas in your home, offering more versatility than a pre-made rug or even carpet tiles.

Take the Stress Out of Buying Carpet

Carpet shopping shouldn't be frustrating, it should be fun. There should be joy in looking for the flooring that will express your style and personality and make your house a home. We at Georgia Carpet completely understand that fact, and that is why we have such an amazing team that can help our customers with all the questions and uncertainties they may have throughout the process.

From start to finish, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their carpet decisions and understand the differences between the options available on the market!

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