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Why choose Broadloom carpet? When choosing carpet for your home, the process can be very confusing. There are so many different types of carpet, as well as styles, colors, patterns, thicknesses, sizes, materials, and the list could go on and on.

If you are a person with little experience in the carpet world, the whole process can be quite overwhelming! Purchasing carpet is a big commitment, not only for financial reasons, but also because once it is chosen you and your family have to live with it for years to come. This makes the decision very stressful for a lot of homeowners and families.

One type of carpet that is very beneficial to people, and a popular choice, is broadloom carpet. Broadloom is a type of carpet that is woven on a wide loom. This is a great choice because it is very wide carpet that can go from wall to wall in a large room. It is typically twelve feet wide, but it can also be made in varying widths, like 13 feet 2 inches or 13 feet 6 inches or sometimes even as wide at 15 feet wide.

Broadloom Georgia Carpet

Different Types of Broadloom 


The reason a lot of people choose this type of carpet is because it can stretch across the entire width of the room and then it can be cut to the length needed for the room. This is beneficial because then you do not need to create seams in the carpet, creating a more cohesive look for the room.

The specifics of what type of carpet you can get in broadloom form is also extensive. There is a large range of options when it comes to the material and style of the carpet. The material this from which carpet is made with can vary from wool or horsehair, or even synthetics like nylon and plastic. Depending on your specific needs or budget, you can pretty much find whatever you need in broadloom.  And one important tip is to choose a good padding to go underneath the carpet in order to have great cushion and to make it comfortable on your feet.


Broadloom Carpet

A Beautiful Broadloom Rug

Buyers can even purchase rugs made from broadloom and this option is more cost efficient than pre-made rugs. Broadloom carpetcan easily be finished into an area rug, so if you need a rug that is 12 feet wide (or the other width options broadloom comes in), this would be a great option to save some money. It also gives more options, since it’s difficult to get a pre-made rug up to 12 feet wide.

As mentioned earlier, purchasing carpet for your home can be very stressful. We at Georgia Carpet completely understand that fact, and that is why we have such an amazing team that can help our customers with all their questions and uncertainties that they may have throughout the process. From start to finish we are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their carpet decisions!