Mullican Hardwood Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors
To maintain the appearance and functionality of your hardwood floor, proper care is essential. Thanks to today’s modern finishes, caring for hardwood flooring is easier than ever. Keeping the following guidelines and recommendations in mind will help ensure that your floor ages beautifully.

Vacuum your floors instead of sweeping
Vacuum your floors as part of a regular weekly routine, as well as after any event that has left dirt behind. Gravel and dirt of any kind have the potential to damage the floor if not removed properly and promptly.

Vacuuming, with a floor attachment rather than a beater bar, is preferred to sweeping because it not only addresses the surface of the floor but pulls particulates from between the planks.

To minimize the amount of dirt and grime on your floors, place mats outside and inside all exterior doors, and provide a shoe removal area.

Use a damp cloth for sticky messes
The occasional spill should be cleaned up immediately with a dry cloth. A damp cloth may be used for a stickier mess, but the area should be dried afterwards.

Never pour water directly on the floor or use it to mop the floors, as wet mopping and excessive water will damage the flooring. String, sponge, and spin mops should not be used as they hold a lot of water.

Deep-clean every month
Once a month, use a Mullican Flooring®-approved wood cleaner, such as Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner or Basic Coatings, to deep clean your floors. Be sure to follow all manufacturer directions.

Avoid using household cleaning products such as vinegar, and never use oil soaps or wax. These can dull the finish and can be very hard to remove. Be wary of other products such as Mop & Glo that will leave a tough residue.

Cleaning Guidelines

  1. Spills: Immediately wipe up any spills or spots with a damp cloth.
  2. Vacuum: vacuum or sweep at least every other week, depending on the foot traffic, don't let dirt or sand build up.
  3. Repairs: consult your flooring professional immediately to fix areas that have been damaged, gouged or have a difficult problem- like chewing gum.
  4. Moving: When moving heavy furniture or appliances, place a sheet of plywood or masonite underneath the furniture to avoid scratches or gouges
  5. Monthly: Clean with a Mullican Hardwood Floor approved wood floor cleaner such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Never use oil soaps, wax or automated cleaning machines such as steam mops.
  6. Be Aware: Of high heel shoes that have lost their protective cap and small stones as they can scratch and gouge your floor’s surface. Excessive sunlight should be blocked with blinds or drapes. Wet mopping and excessive water is also harmful to your floor.
  7. Protect: In areas of high traffic, use area rugs to keep wear to a minimum. Be sure to move the rugs periodically to maintain an even color to your finish. Ensure the rugs have a breathable backing with a mesh grid pattern which allows the floor to breathe and are approved for hardwood floor finishes. Put mats at all entrances to keep dirt and moisture off the floor. Use felt pads, wide vinyl pads or rubber rollers on the legs of furniture.


Protecting Your Hardwood Floors


Learn how to protect your hardwood floors with these helpful tips from Mullican Flooring.

Decorate with rugs in high traffic areas

Put door mats at the entrances of exterior doors to reduce the dirt and grit from tracking into the house and scratching your hardwood floor. Place area rugs in high traffic areas, such as in front of a sink or in a hallway, to reduce wear. 

Rugs and rug underlayments should have a mesh or grid pattern to allow the floor to breathe. Rugs should be moved occasionally, since they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloration under the rug. All wood species are photosensitive and will change color with exposure to UV light, some more so than others.

Protect against furniture scratches

Use barrel-type caster wheels or wide, flat glides on furniture to protect your hardwood floor. Use felt protectors under furniture feet to reduce scratching and indentation. When moving heavy furniture or appliances, place a sheet of masonite or plywood under the piece being moved to distribute the weight and prevent scratching and denting.

Keep humidity & moisture in check

Moisture causes hardwood floors to expand. While hardwood flooring will naturally expand and contract as the seasons change, excessive moisture can lead to numerous changes to the floor, such as cupping, buckling, or cracking. This is why it's recommended that solid hardwood floors not be installed in water-prone areas such as bathrooms.

Once the flooring has been installed, the humidity level inside the building should be kept within the recommended range of 35-55 percent. The temperature range should be kept within 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Slip off your shoes & keep those paws primped

Spike or stiletto heels can cause damage to your hardwood floor, especially if the heels have lost their protective padding. Get in the habit of slipping off your shoes when you get home, and ask guests to leave their shoes at the door. 

Remember to keep your pets’ nails trimmed or filed. You might place area rugs in spots where your pet enjoys running around the home to prevent scratches. 


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