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When searching for a carpet for business, you want to make sure you are buying the best of the best. Heavy traffic areas deserve top-quality flooring that lasts. Commercial carpet tile, also known as modular tile, is not just for commercial applications. Its exceptional durability in high traffic areas makes it suitable for households as well. If it's tough enough for a business, then it's tough enough for a busy home. Residential customers are using carpet tiles for homes all across the US. Carpet tiles are affordable and easy to install.  Read More

Commercial Carpet Tiles

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Carpet tile is cut as a low pile, making it less likely to fray when foot traffic is present. This gives homeowners and businesses alike a chance to buy a flooring product that can withstand everyday life.  With large sizes (24" x 24" carpet tile), it’s easy and quick to install over most porous and non-porous subfloors. These commercial options are not just carpet squares; there are several different sizes available that allow you to rearrange them. They give you a unique form of decor expression that other flooring does not. This versatility of carpet pieces also allows for easy replacement if needed. With our broadloom styles, the entire carpet must be removed to replace sections that have staining or wear damage. Carpet tile makes installation, replacement, and design easy.

Many of our carpets for sale are manufactured in the carpet capital of the world. Dalton, Georgia, is home to major brands like Shaw and Mohawk. We have easy access to their warehouses, so you can rest assured your purchases are authentic and undamaged. Here at Georgia Carpet Industries, we aim to bring you, the customer, an economical price. We can offer a wholesale price due to our long-standing reputation with many of our carpets manufacturers. From discount carpet tile to the accessories needed for installation, we have it all. 

If you are looking to buy carpet tiles, we sell a wide variety of brands and colors at wholesale prices. Given the abundance of supplies, you can expect to buy carpet tile that is readily available and in stock.  At Georgia Carpet, we stock and ship thousands of styles.  Our inventory is viewable, and certain brands are even purchasable directly on this site. We handle shipping and can conveniently direct it to your resident or business.  Carpet tile is manufactured in an assortment of colors and designs.  Need more info? Check out our article, Carpet Tile and You.


Don’t hesitate to browse through our wide selection of commercial modular carpet tiles for sale! Not sure about the color or the style? Don’t worry; we have something for everyone. Whether it is a carpet for office spaces or even for active households, our website makes finding exactly what you want as simple as possible. If you are still struggling with finding something to fit all your criteria, our sales representatives are just a phone call away. Be sure to ask us for free samples and check if we have any in-store offers available!