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The Versatility of Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile Versatility

While many prefer the simplicity and cohesive visual of carpet rolls, carpet tiles are actually much more versatile when it comes to flooring. Carpet rolls have the advantage of a seamless, flowing look but lack other aspects that make tiles superior. Most importantly, carpet tiles are generally a more durable flooring option. They are usually made for commercial flooring, which gives them a certain functionality that can be used in any area. The backing on tiles is similar to that of broadloom but it is much easier to find styles that have cushion backing or an added durability aspect. Tiles are built for heavier foot traffic so they can withstand a variety of areas and situations. Oftentimes, tiles are sold with a high traffic warranty to ensure extra coverage.

"carpet tiles are a

more durable option"


From home to office and everything in between, carpet tiles are a great choice. They are inexpensive compared to broadloom rolls and have several long-term benefits. With tiles, stains and scratches to the fibers are easy to replace. They cost much less than repairing a broadloom because you can simply take out the tile that has the imperfection instead of removing the whole carpet. In the same way, you can give a single tile a thorough cleaning instead of trying to spot clean a wall-to-wall carpet. Maintenance and replacement is much simpler and cheaper with carpet tiles. Another aspect of carpet tiles that makes them so versatile is the ability for DIY installation. You are able to save money on hiring installers since tiles are so easy to place. They’re usually sold by the box so transportation is not as much of a hassle. Rolls required more heavy-lifting and assistance while tiles are lightweight. Along with the easy installation, tiles produce less waste. They fit into tight corners and odd spaces easily which eliminates the cut off scraps a broadloom would have.

One of the top reasons carpet tiles are so versatile is the extensive selection of colors and designs to choose from. Tiles have the unique benefit of distinct patterns and shades due to their smaller dimensions. When creating a large roll of carpet, the detail that goes into dying and patterns is limited because of the bigger surface area. Not only do tiles have the advantage of unique colors and patterns, but they also give you creative freedom. You can mix and match tiles in any array of shades or create your own unique pattern. For a splash of color, you could add accent tiles throughout your layout as well. Overall, carpet tiles are extremely versatile. From design to installation, and durability, tiles give you many options. Here at Georgia Carpet Industries we have an extensive selection of carpet, including tiles. Make sure to check them out in-store or online at!

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