How To Buy Flooring Online

We all want to save money.  This much is true.  Buy what is the best way to save money AND get the best quality product and customer service in the market?  We're glad you asked.  We've been selling flooring online for over 15 years and have some pointers that all customers should know.

#1 Search Locally

Search local?  Well that doesn't make much sense.  In the flooring world, it does.  Flooring is a touch-and-feel kind of product.  Not only does color play an important part, but feeling the softness of the carpet or the weight of the hardwood makes a huge difference in determining quality.  Start searching at a local store to get a better feel for the product.

#2 Find An Installer

Not a Do-It-Yourself 'ER?  If you have no skills with a saw or a hammer, then installing your own flooring is probably NOT the best option.  Thank goodness for installers.  Finding a good installer is half the battle.  We recommend going on Angie's List or a comparable platform in order to find recommendations and reviews for various companies in the installation trade.  This is a good time to hash out the details.

#3 Measure

Isn't that what the installer is supposed to do?  Even though your installer comes highly recommended, they still make mistakes.  Mistakes like measuring too short, can eat up precious time and extra material cost down the road. It's better to do your homework and double check.  Plus, this will give you a quantity that you can use in the bargaining of the price.  The higher the quantity, the better the price.

#4 Visit

Like whats already been stated, Georgia Carpet Industries has been in business since 1969, and selling on the internet for the past 15 years.  We have the largest online and In-Stock selection at an affordable price.  Go to our website and browse around, looking for the name brand product you've already seen locally.  If the price is out of busget locally and on Georgia Carpet's website, then we can match you up to a comparable product.  Give us a call!

#5 Order A Free Sample

This is the best part.  Most products across the country are the same by brand name. So a Shaw product on the east coast is the same on the west coast.  But there are subtle differences in color in in neighboring towns.  There lots are different in color.   With a free sample, you can make sure the product you are getting at Georgia Carpet is right for you.

#7 Order Flooring

Fun-Time.  This is the moment you've been waiting for.  Ordering your flooring from a distant company is generally better over the phone.  This allows you to get comfortable with the sales representative and helps with accuracy.  Georgia Carpet always emails or text copies of the invoice to make sure every detail is 100% accurate.

#8 Take Delivery

Your flooring is about to arrive.  When you order from Georgia Carpet, we typically deliver in about 5-10 business days.  Be prepared to remove the flooring from the back of the truck.  Try and have you installer there on the day of the delivery to help with the offload.

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