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Phenix Residential Carpet Line:

Phenix has been one of the leading manufacturers of residential carpet since 2006.  This carpet line make solution-dyed premium nylon and P.E.T residential carpet.  With its innovative technologies and above industry standards, Phenix Residential Carpet Line is a great alternative for any residential area.  It has wide range of styles and colors to choose from.  Phenix offers high quality durable residential products for affordable prices.  Phenix has innovative patented technologies that they offer with their residential carpet line, such as SureSoft SD, various Stainmaster features or Microban treatment.  Each of their residential carpet style is offered one or more of these features.  Phenix carpet flooring is easy to maintain and clean (see Phenix Residential Carpet Care & Maintenance Instructions for more details).  Phenix also backs its product with various warranties, exact warranty details varies from style to style (for more information please view Phenix Residential Carpet Warranty).   

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