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The fluorescent dyes used in the carpet industry to produce fluorescent effect have properties
different from ordinary carpet dyes, and precautions must be followed.

Fluorescent dyes are less resistant to sunlight than ordinary carpet dyes. Fluorescent carpet should not be exposed to direct sunlight or the fluorescent properties will diminish. The darker the lighting, the longer the fluorescence under black light will last.
Fluorescent dyes are adversely affected by alkaline cleaning agents.The pH level of the cleaning product used is critical. Cleaning products with pH levels above 8 will quickly degrade the fluorescent properties of the dyestuffs (the color will still appear normal under ordinary light, but it will no longer glow under UV light.) Detergents and spot cleaners designed for use with wool will not affect this carpet, as these products normally range from 4.5 to 6.5 on the pH scale. Do not use cleaning agents containing optical brighteners as these will also glow under black light.

Absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting with white absorbent towels. Use of a spotting extractor is strongly suggested to quickly remove contaminates and moisture. Do not leave carpet saturated!

• Hot water extraction method is recommended for general cleaning. The water temperature should be 120 degrees or less at the face of the carpet. Air movers will dry the carpet quickly.

• Due to these unusual properties of the dyestuffs, no warranty can be extended covering the colorfastness of this carpet.

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