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Picking out carpet can be a lackluster experience for some. Most tend to choose the basic, solid color options that you see in most homes and businesses. But there is an alternative, Patterned Carpet! So today we will be taking a look at the Atelier Collection of Stanton Carpet. This is truly a carpet designed for comfort, style and functionality.


The Atelier Collection by

Stanton Carpet

Stanton Carpet is known for its’ stellar quality in the industry. It got its niche in the market by using natural fibers such as wool and seagrass and has expanded into the synthetic market. The Atelier carpet collection offers an unsurpassed quality in the nylon fiber division of carpets, and for good reason.



Here are the benefits of Stanton Nylon:

  • Nylon has superb abrasion resiliency and displays less pile compaction in comparison to other synthetic yarns.
  • Nylon has good cleaning characteristics and may be the better choice if exposed to grease, cooking oils, or household lubricants, and holds-up to staining and soiling well if treated and solution dyed.
  • Nylon fibers retain their color very well and display good resistance to indirect sunlight fading.
  • Like all synthetics, Nylon shows excellent resistance to mildew resulting in less bacterial growth.
  • Nylon is difficult to ignite and produces little or no smoke making it the ideal choice for a child’s room, playroom or family room.



Beside the quality of the nylon used and its incredible benefits you also have style to consider, and the Atelier Collection doesn’t disappoint in any way. This is a true patterned carpet and can range from simple and elegant patterns to wild floral prints. Point blank, the Atelier collection offers the consumer, all of the luxurious benefits and comfort that their wool carpets offer with a price much lower than that of wool.

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Stanton Carpet requires expert installation and this Stanton Carpet Installation Video is here to help.
Some of the Stanton materials require the use of specific tools.

Before beginning the Stanton Carpet Installation:

  1. Examine the roll for any tearing or cuts.

  2. Look for discoloration and other defects.

  3. If the carpet had any cuts or defects, do not cut or start installation because it will void your carpet warranty

Stanton Carpet Videos

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