100% Wool Carpet

100% Wool Carpet

These Wool Carpet Styles will perform great with regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning. Microscopic ridges catch dirt particles as they make their way into your wool carpet. These ridges keep the dirt particles where they can be vacuumed easily. These microscopic ridges prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the carpet and contributes to wool’s great quality and good looks.

Because Wool has a high protein content, it naturally absorbs dyes which make their way into the wool and attach themselves to the many receptive sites it offers. Wool Carpet is made to retain it's color, even through many years of use, so your wool carpet will look beautiful for many years.

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Why Wool Carpet?

Wool is durable, resilient, affords comfort and safety - and wool is a reneable resource! Wool fibers are naturally superior to synthetic fibers, as well as longer lasting, inherently flame retardent and resistant to dirt and crushing.


  • Superior Texture Retention & Resilience - Due to the natural chrimp that is inherent in wool fiber.

  • Superior Wear - Ask Previous Wool Carpet Purchasers - Wool looks better longer and "Wears Gracefully".

  • Naturally Solid & Stain Resistant - Protection that won't deteriorate like the temporary additives that are used on synthetic fibers.

  • Superior Dye Fastness - Due to wool's natural ability to take in dyes.

  • Naturally Fire Retardant and wool is self extinguishing. Wool is the fiber of choice for casinos and airlins for this reason.


  • Slightly higher initial cost massively offset by product longevity and ease of maintenance.
    Wool Carpet Actually Costs Less!!!

  • Wool Carpet Adds Value and is the Ultimate Statement of Style, Success, and Comfort

  • Wool Carpet is Warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer. Wool Naturally feels better, is more resilient, and helps moderate tempurature and humidity in the home by absorbing and releasing moisture as needed.

  • Wool's natural soil and stain resistance allow for wool to require Less Cleaning Tha Synthetics.

  • Wool is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Wool is a way to be kind to Mother Earth.
    Wool is Green and is Recyclable


  • Wool's Soft and Natural Feel to the hand and beauty underfoot simply cannot be achieved with any synthetic fiber.

  • Wool is a Natural Delustered Fiber that is appealing to the eye and allows for a soft and comfortable appearance on the floor.

  • Wool's natural luster and gentle light reflection characteristics give a home or office and Elegant and Peaceful Background


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