Carpet Tile And You

Carpet Tile and You


Carpet tiles can be a great do-it-yourself project because they are very easy to install. If you choose to install carpet tiles, aka modular carpet tile you will not have to deal with tack strips – plus there will be no kicking and no stretching required.  Installing carpet tiles can be much simpler than other DIY home improvements!

Carpet tiles are made just for you, and have become especially popular with parents; they are really great for families especially those with young children because they are really durable,and you can replace one if it gets dirty rather than having to replace the whole carpet. They also come in a million different colors and patterns, so you can customize it to your color palette and theme. Of course, carpet tiles can be an excellent solution for any home, even one that does not belong to a family with children.  Their ability to be cleaned easily and their versatility make them a favorite among many different types of homeowners. Spill something? All you have to do is simply pick up the carpet tile and scrub out the mess easily. It stands up well in high-traffic areas of my home and there’s a design and style for every home’s aesthetic.

In addition to carpet tiles’ ability to be cleaned with ease, we have already mentioned that installing them is a relatively simple task.  But as if the installation wasn’t already easy enough, some carpet tiles even come with a Peel & Stick adhesive system! This system makes installation so quick and easy.  And, if you use a peel and stick adhesive system and a tile becomes damaged, you can effortlessly remove and replace the damaged tile with a new one without having to redo your entire floor. Since they need no tack strip, you can just remove the squares from the box and install.

Plus – just another reason why carpet tiles might be a great solution for you – they are environmentally friendly.  When compared to wall-to-wall carpet installations, carpet tiles save on average 15 to 20% on waste.   So, if the time has come for you to redo your floor coverings entirely, carpet tiles may be a fantastic option.

So how should you choose which carpet tiles to use in your home?  Our associates at Georgia Carpet Industries can certainly assist you in making the best choice for you.  Of course, you will need to keep many factors in mind – the color scheme of your home, whether you have children or pets, how high-traffic the area you’re working with may be – but we can help make the decision-making process easier!

Using carpet tiles also allows for some creativity, too.  For instance, you can mix and match carpet tiles to create any design imaginable. Here are some creative tips that may help you envision some of the fun ways you can use carpet tiles in your home:

  • Start by choosing a pattern that you like and simply add a solid color or two, that way you can perfect your flooring for your home, the possibilities are endless.
  • You could do a pattern by alternating stripe orientation in a checkerboard pattern, possibly using the same color but with one shade lighter and one shade darker, emphasizing the alternating pattern, this creative idea is not only unique to your home but it is easily installed, whats not to love?
  • You could even try a three-tile checkerboard as an alternative to a traditional two-tile checkerboard pattern.
  • After you’ve chosen your color palette, throw a few different patterns into the mix, this easily brightens up a room and can
    make it more playful, or elegant depending on your pattern choice.
  • Try a two-tile wide runner, this option could works really well in hallways.
  • And don’t forget, you don’t need to feel bad about simply going for a solid color sometimes a solid color is the easiest solution to tie your decor together.

Overall if you’re looking for an easy way to do some home improvements and you need a simple solution, carpet tiles were made just for you! We hope that this information and tips on carpet tiles will be helpful to you!  And don’t forget carpet tile prices can vary but Georgia Carpet Industries carries a wide variety of carpet tiles, and will be happy to send you a free carpet tile sample if you are interested in carpet tiles for your home!

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