Breathe Better With Hardwood Flooring

Breathe Better With Hardwood Flooring

Step into the world of Georgia Carpet Hardwood to embark on a magnificent journey to understand why products made from this sustainable and exceptionally beautiful material - flooring and cabinetry, furniture and molding - have been treasured for generations!

Cabinetry, millwork and especially flooring made from American hardwoods are as much a part of the American dream as the white picket fence.  The beauty, architectural detail, and overall inviting warmth they offer are often what make a house a home.  So, it's no surprise that hardwoods are increasingly bringing the comforts of home to all types of settings, from schools and workspaces to healthcare facilities.  You may not know it, but hardwood even helps improve the air quality in the places you spend your time.

We've all seen those tiny particles floating around in a beam of sunlight; they are often the cause of many indoor allergies which affect so many of us.  To ease allergy symptoms, one of the first recommendations allergists make is implement solid flooring, such as hardwoods. Doctors often recommend hardwood floors because they trap less animal dander, dust, pollen, mites and mold, all of these can trigger allergic symptoms and respiratory problems. If you suffer from allergies or know someone who is, then you are familiar with the itchy eyes, runny nose, eczema, and rashes caused by allergies. An estimated nearly 60 million Americans suffer from allergies, and a recent report prepared by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies conclude that exposure to certain allergy-causing substances, or allergens, can also lead to asthma in children. Researchers believe that certain individuals have an inherited tendency toward allergies and asthma; studies also show that specific steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate allergens.

 Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Remove carpeting from the bedrooms of allergy sufferers

2.  Natural hardwood floors throughout your home make it easier for you to reduce allergens

3.  Eliminate haven for dust mites, all the while keeping your home warm and inviting

4.  Make sure that any rugs used in your home are washed weekly in hot water

5.  Select furnishings that don’t use much upholstery

6.  Real hardwood furniture is attractive and comfortable and are not welcoming to dust mites

7.  Enclose mattresses and pillow in zippered dust-proof vinyl coverings, these help to keep dust mites away from you or your family

8.  Maintain humidity levels, 50% or lower means dust mites can’t survive when humidity is that low.

Every home has dust mites, and even the most meticulous vacummer can’t eliminate them all together. Those microscopic monsters colonize bedding, curtains and carpet, and have been linked to rapidly rising rates of allergies and asthma. But, the good news is, that there is something you can do to prevent, and reduce allergies, and asthma. Researchers believe that eliminating the sources of allergens when children are young may help reduce the likelihood that they will develop allergies. And studies have shown that even if someone in your family already has allergies, they may experience improvement after allergens have been reduced or eliminated.

To promote good health, follow a few of these suggestions and allergies and asthma can be a thing of the past. We all tend to fear the unseen, but these microscopic dust mites are nothing to be afraid of! They can be reduced or even eliminated by doing just a few things. This is just another reason to use Hardwood flooring in your home, it not only refuses these bugs, but it makes it so much easier for you to keep your home clean. 

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