How Much Will My Hardwood Floor Installation Cost?

How Much Will My Hardwood Floor Installation Cost?

Have you decided to put hardwood flooring in your home, apartment or business? If this is you first time shopping for hardwood floors for any of these places, the installation will cost you. This article will cover what you can expect your hardwood floor installation cost to be. I’m sure you have a lot of questions when it comes to the installation fees so I will try to cover as much as possible.

First off you will need a specialist or an expert to help you plan out the right flooring to purchase for the install. Many times, first time customers decide on their hardwood without considering possible problems when it comes to installation, this can be a major oversight. If you speak with a knowledgeable sales associate, one that will be more concerned with your overall happiness rather than the commission that they will make, you should get what will work for your home or office.

Besides taking into consideration what the sales associate suggests, please, please, please do your research. This will save you an incredible amount, as well as allow you to comprehend the entire process. Knowledge of the process of installation in general may save you a ton if your installer is trying to pull one over your eyes.


When planning a budget, I would suggest that you prepare for the installation process thoroughly.

  • Find an installer who is willing to guide you through the entire process of installation.
  • Ask him to break down the cost into sections, like hourly cost, tools, moldings, baseboards, etc.
  • Ask if they charge for moving furniture.
  • Ask about Demolition.
  • Ask about finishing costs, if applicable.


You may choose to do your own demo and move your own furniture if these costs tend to add up. Also if you buy a pre-finished hardwood floor the cost of installation will go down. Your hardwood floor installation cost will not be possible to measure in this post because of the thousands of different installers available. There is just no range that is appropriate when it comes to estimation because every company is different.


What items you should budget for the whole shebang:


  •   The cost of the hardwood flooring plus 10% extra material for cutting the materials.
  • The cost of the prep work, demo, cleaning. Or if you do it yourself just eliminate this item.
  • The cost of accessories. This can be shocking to people when they do not plan. You will need to include all transitions, moldings, and baseboards. Your installer will also have to stain these items to match your new floors, so add in the cost for stain.
  • If you are installing on the stairs in your home, you will need pre manufactured treads and risers. You can also ask your floor installer to make them from the same materials that you have purchased. But this will cost you more in labor.
  • Finally the most un-predictable cost, leveling the floor. This cannot be estimated until the installer is actually doing it. This can take a good amount of time and money to do properly. That being said, if it is not done properly you may as well go ahead and plan to buy another floor when the season changes.


I hope that this article gave you a little insight on what you can expect hardwood floor installation cost to be. I apologize that there is no actual bottom dollar price point, but if you follow my suggestions I guarantee that you will come out spending less money in the long run. Until next time, Happy Flooring!

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