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Engineered Floors Contract Commercial Carpet :

Engineered Floors Contract is the commercial flooring department of the Engineered Floors Multifamily, that also owns J & J Flooring Group and Pentz Commercial Flooring Solutions.  EF contract became part of Engineered Floors Multifamily in 2018.Engineered Flooring Contract Broadloom keeps on increasing their market share in the commercial carpet market.  They have multiple styles and color options to choose from that would work with any commercial setting. 

EF Contract's broadloom fibers are made from either nylon or polyester (which fiber used varies from style to style). All fiber is solution dyed.  Their polyester fiber is called Kinetex Riber.  Their nylon fiber has two types; type 6 and type 6.6.  Also these nylon fiber comes with 3 types of dye method; Encore SD Ultimate Fiber, Encore BCF and Encore RE. Each one of these comes with lifetime warranty.  Regardless of fiber material, EF Contract's all broadloom are durable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.  EF Contract also offer product treatment options, such as ProTex Soil Release, ProSept Antimicrobial or Sentir Advance Odor-Blocking Technology treatments, that improve cleanability, performance or stain resistance of their broadloom flooring. Each EF Contract broadloom comes with their standard backing, which is a high quality woven polypropylene backing, and backing can be upgraded to one of 3 broadloom backings options that offer different features. These backings are ILoc, has superior construction for high stability, TitanBac, is the moisture management backing system, and Endure Plus, offers increased performance, comfort and durability with its cushion backing.  Please visit EF Contract Broadloom Instillation Guide or EF Contract Carpet Maintenance Guide for helpful information provided by Engineered Flooring Contractor.  

Engineered Floors Contract Commercial Carpet

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