Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Review


Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Flooring Review

A Guide To Design and Style

Anyone who has been in the hardwood flooring industry in the last 20 years, knows Anderson Hardwood Flooring.  Since being bought out by Shaw Industries, the Anderson hardwood company has been coupled with the Tuftex carpet name to form Anderson Tuftex.  It easy to see that Shaw is marrying 2 name brands together to build momentum.  And why wouldn't they.  Both Tuftex and Anderson have incredible products.  In this layout, we will only visit the hardwood side, and will refer to Anderson Tuftex as Anderson or Anderson Flooring.

When you walk in a store, or get a sample of flooring, it doesn't take long to decipher the good from the bad.  Weight and texture play an important roll in shopping for hardwood flooring.  When you enter into a store, you can easily pick out the best products by the design of the display and location of them.  If going into a store that carries Anderson Flooring, the store should have that display front and center.  What makes Anderson so different from other brands.  There are 3 aspects of Anderson that we will talk about today, Quality, Design Texture and Design Color.



aa816-noble-hall-11020-sovereign.jpg anderson-natural-timbers.jpg
Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Noble Hall Sovereign Anderson Tuftex Natural Timbers Willow




Does the quality of hardwood flooring matter from brand to brand?  I mean, a hardwood is a hardwood.  This may be relatively correct when referring to solid hardwood flooring, but engineered hardwood is gaining more steam because it's so versatile.  Most all of Anderson's hardwood is engineered.  You can find more information on engineered hardwood here.  When using hardwood flooring in a house, the stability of the floor is key.  Too much moisture, or too little moisture can make a piece of hardwood go crazy.  That's why Anderson uses engineered hardwood in their line.  They know that the flooring will be more useful and stable before, during and after an install.  Since engineered hardwood is just a veneer of real hardwood adhered to plywood, its important that the adhesive is firm, that the plys are accurately displaced, and that the tongue and groove are cut precisely.  Anderson does this in a perfect manner, giving ease to the minds of consumers.  They should know that when they install Anderson Flooring, the structure is designed to last a lifetime.  That's why they offer a lifetime structural warranty.

The wear warranty is important to note when describing quality flooring.  Typically the higher the years of the warranty, the better the product.  Most Anderson hardwood carries a 50 year warranty.  The finish they use, or the top coat, is the deciding factor in the warranty timeframe.  Since it is a "wear" warranty, and the finish is on top, then we can conclude the better the finish the longer it will last ideally.  For the longest time, Anderson has been using an aluminum oxide finish, which you can learn more about here.  Aluminum oxide is the best finish in the industry.



Texture is definitely something that brings awareness to products.  If you visit an Anderson display, you can tell there's something different about their hardwood.  They are spending an incredible amount of time and resources in the design of their flooring.  Most all of Anderson Tuftex's products have a texture that you can feel with your hand.  Back in the 2000s, hand-scraped hardwood flooring exploded in the flooring industry.  Guess who was right in the middle of producing such marvelous products?  Anderson.  They created a product line called Virginia Vintage that was designed to mimic hand crafted floors produced back in the 1900s.  They were the pioneers of textured hardwood flooring.  Anderson still hasn't stopped producing magnificently engineered textures.  They have several variations of handscraped flooring, along with saw-mark patterns, wire-brushing, and sculpted. They completely changed the landscape and continue to do so each year.  Anderson Tuftex is known for setting the stage for desirable products year after year. 



anderson-palo-duro-mixed.jpg anderson-old-world-herringbone.jpg
Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Palo Duro Copper Anderson Tuftex Old World Herringbone Windsor



We could talk color all day long because Anderson Tuftex has the best of the best.  But what needs to be considered is what are the most relevant colors for TODAYS design and style.  In the flooring market today, colors are shifting back to neutral, earthy tones.  These tones are found naturally in nature, browns, creams, lighter beachy whites, earthy grays and so on.  Consumers can really connect with these types of color palettes because we see them in everyday life.  There's also a sense of bringing nature into the home, bringing the outside to the inside.  Anderson really puts emphasis on this type of thinking, especially in their Noble Hall collection.  

Another big part of the color scheme for Anderson is the natural look of the hardwood.  Oak hardwood is really booming right now, and rightly so.  Oak is most abundant species that we have here in the US so it only makes sense to be eco-friendly and use that as a resource.  But one major plus for oak is it's natural color.  With no color added, oak is a light cream color with light brown emphasis from the grain.  This look is super hot right now and has been for the past 20 years.

When shopping for hardwood flooring, you should definitely consider Anderson Tuftex Hardwood.  Anderson has constantly been consistent with it's attention to detail and staying in the spectrum of current design trends.  We didn't cover plank width in this Anderson Tuftex review, but it should be noted that Anderson has the best choices for plank width.  Most of their designs are 5-7" in width which is really popular in home décor.  Wider widths create less lineal line patterns in rooms which are less distracting to viewers.  With less lines, the room appears to be much larger.  For more information on Anderson Tuftex Hardwood please visit the page here, and receive up to 20% off on your first purchase.

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