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Dream Weaver Carpet Reviews

Having carpeting in your home means adding a level of comfort that can't be beaten. There's just something about your feet being cushioned by the soft fibers as you walk through your home. Finding the right carpet shouldn't be taken lightly, and you need flooring that is going to stand up to your family's use and abuse while looking good and being kind to your budget. You may find yourself asking: "Is Dream Weaver carpet good?" We've got the answer you're looking for.

Dream Weaver Carpet is known for being committed to the customer by providing a first-class range of products. Innovation is of the utmost importance to this carpet brand, with a focus on perfecting green practices to better address the industry's environmental responsibility.

Being an American company with new ideas, Dream Weaver is moving the carpet industry in a new direction, streamlining the process of removing dated machinery and manufacturing processes to achieve a newer, more environmentally friendly manufacturing procedure.

Becoming an eco-friendly company has not reduced the quality of their flooring offerings. They still maintain high standards, which means you get high-quality carpeting for your home, along with peace of mind.

PureColor With Soil Shield

Dream Weaver featuring PureColor with Soil Shield is an excellent carpet. PureColor is the ultimate solution-dyed polyester fiber that allows the carpet color to be completely embedded into the fiber, eliminating the fading that can be common in many other brands.

Not only is fading an issue of the past, but household bleach will have little to no effect on this amazing protectant. If bleach isn't going to impact this carpet, you better believe that the stain resistance is incredible. While no carpet is entirely stain-proof, PureColor is pretty close and if staining does happen, Dream Weaver offers a lifetime limited stain warranty.

Tough and Comfortable

Even though this carpet is incredibly tough, it doesn't disappoint on the comfort level. To the touch, no hardness is detected, making it comfortable on your feet and allowing you to stretch out on it anytime you see fit. This is the ideal carpeting for small children and teens, as they can play or lie on the floor without worrying about being uncomfortable.

Dream Weaver carpeting is made to be soft and tough so that busy families can enjoy the comfort of the carpet and not worry about the incredible amount of household foot traffic, as it will not dull over time.

Environmentally Driven

The manufacturing process of a solution-dyed polyester fiber is considerably harsh on the environment if not kept under close examination. Dream Weaver carpet has proven its commitment to green practices in manufacturing by using less energy. In addition, they use 50% less oil than traditionally dyed nylon and save millions of gallons of water year after year. This is because PureColor doesn't require a drop of water to manufacture.

We understand that a lot of people are interested in reading Dream Weaver carpet reviews before buying. That's why we have put together this overview.

Dream Weaver is committed to providing customers with first-class products and really making a name for themselves and for the carpet industry as a whole. Focusing on green practices, they are returning to what was once the way of the carpet manufacturing industry: Innovation.

They are the quintessential American company and have taken the carpet industry in a new direction. They have taken out the dated machinery and manufacturing process as a whole and redesigned it from the ground up using only the newest and most environmentally friendly methods to craft their products.

Their First Big Step - Dream Weaver Carpet

Dream Weaver featuring PureColor with Soil Shield is the company's bread and butter - and for good reason. PureColor is the ultimate solution-dyed polyester fiber. Unlike competitors, their color goes all the way through the carpet fiber, eliminating fading due to wear and sunlight exposure. Even bleach will have little to no effect on the permanent coloration of this amazing fiber.

As far as staining goes, you don't have to worry. While nothing is entirely stain-proof, this carpet is incredibly stain-resistant, and the company has your back. Dream Weaver comes with a limited lifetime stain warranty for accidents that are just a little too big.

Soil damage will not dull your Dream Weaver carpet. It comes with SoilShield, which is designed to block soil from adhering to the carpet fibers. This ensures your flooring looks like new for many moons after installation.

What is a Tough Carpet Without Comfort?

Absolutely nothing - and that's why Dream Weaver takes pride in their ability to manufacture carpeting with comfortable durability. It is ideal for active families and made to handle the hardest child play as well as foot traffic.

Carpeting Made with Families in Mind

When it comes to finding the carpeting that was made for families, you can't go wrong with Dream Weaver. There are many Dream Weaver carpet reviews that attest to the durability and longevity of this incredibly lush and luxurious carpet, and with a variety of different options to choose from, you're sure to find the one that works best in your home.

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