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Egger Laminate Flooring

For those looking into sustainably produced and quick installation laminate, Egger has some of the best designs on the market. There is an extensive range of colors and styles to choose from. These styles are versatile so you can pair them with any décor in any area. Egger’s laminate flooring features high-quality workmanship and internal properties. It is robust and easy-care, flexible, and quick to install. This durable flooring has special Aqua+ technology that reliably keeps water off. Thanks to the moisture-resistant Aqua+ coreboard it is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, and hallway. Cleaning and maintenance are also a breeze since steam cleaners are safe for this floor. Egger provides protection against dirt, scratches, water, and anything else life may have in store for it. Make sure to check out the variety of designs below!

Egger Laminate

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