Joy Carpet Maintenance and Care

Your carpet or rugs require care to prolong their useful life. Using any cleaning methods not
recommended by your carpet manufacturer may void specific warranties.

A reputable professional carpet cleaner is knowledgeable on the latest carpet construction,
carpet care products, and safe cleaning methods. Contact a carpet cleaning professional when
soil and stains are no longer removable with vacuuming and recommended carpet cleaning
Obtain the name of a reliable carpet cleaning professional through referrals, the Better
Business Bureau, or contact the Carpet and Rug Institute (706.278.3176) for a list of cleaning
professional members and a copy of the Carpet and Rug Care Guide (

The consumer should rely on the carpet manufacturer's recommendation. Select cleaning
agents sold especially for soil and stain-resistant carpet and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR
DILUTION AND APPLICATION. Never use soap, ammonia, laundry detergent, automatic
dishwashing detergent, washing soda, or any strong household cleaning agents intended for
use on hard surfaces, i.e. woodwork, linoleum, tile, as these cleaning agents could damage
carpet. For best cleaning results, always pre-vacuum. Clean spots promptly.
Hot Water Extraction - Pressurized hot water is injected into the pile. Suspended soil
and solution are immediately extracted by a powerful vacuum. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS
CAREFULLY. Avoid overwetting and excessive high temperatures (over 120°) and ensure
speedy drying. Properly performed by carpet cleaning professionals, hot water
extraction will effectively remove accumulated soil from the carpet and refresh the
Dry Extraction - An absorbent compound (Capture® Rug Cleaning System) is brushed in
and around the fibers. The compound attaches to soil particles and both the particles
and compound are then removed by vacuuming. Follow specific Capture® Rug Cleaning System instructions.

First do a general cleaning and then, if necessary, spot clean. Pretest any spot removal or
cleaning agent in an inconspicuous area to make certain the solution will not damage yarns or
dyes. After applying several drops to the testing area, hold a white cloth on the wet area for
ten seconds. Examine the carpet and cloth for color transfer, color change, or damage to the
carpet. If a change occurs, select another cleaning solution.

• The ph level of the cleaning product used is critical! Select non-cationic detergents and
spot cleaners sold especially for stain-resistant carpeting with neutral ph levels or
• Follow instructions carefully-use only approved agents for soil and stain resistant carpet.
• Avoid using too much detergent. Use only enough to assure maximum cleaning and
minimum residue.
• Never exceed recommended solution strength.
• Do not over wet carpet. Over wetting may cause backing separation, seam separation,
shrinkage, discoloration and odor.
• Ensure all detergent is completely rinsed from carpet.
• Do not allow carpet to remain wet for more than 24 hours.
• Dry within 24 hours before walking on carpet.
• Topical treatments, i.e. fungicides, bactericides, biocides, antistatic and stains resists,
etc. may adversely affect the soil and stain resistance and other benefits of your carpet.
• Shampoo, dry-foam and extraction detergents containing optical brighteners should not
be used.
• Never use a Do-It-Yourself rotary shampoo machine designed for hard surface, laminate,
or linoleum flooring that uses counter rotating (rotary) brushes.

The general carpet care and cleaning guide is applicable to bound carpet and rugs. However,
particular caution should be given to the binding and serging. Avoid contact with sharp or
abrasive objects and cleaning machinery, i.e. flooring buffers and vacuum sweepers with beater
bars. We suggest moving carpet when buffing floors to avoid contact.
When vacuuming, adjust height of beater bar to lightly agitate the rug pile but not cause the
motor of the vacuum to slow. Do not vacuum over binding and serging, if possible.
Joy Carpets’ rugs are bound and double stitched for maximum durability and will perform as
intended using the above precautions. However, if accidents happen and/or misuse or abuse
does occur, it is the policy of Joy Carpets to repair the binding and serging FREE OF CHARGE. To
qualify, the rug(s) must be returned clean, and freight must be prepaid for both return and

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