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Poolside Etiquette and Hardwood Flooring


Summer is finally here and things are really heating up! School is out and the pools are probably the most crowded gathering areas in your communities as far as children, teenagers and parents go. Although we are only thinking about having a ton of fun and relaxing, a swimming pool is a very unassuming danger to your hardwood flooring.

Why are Swimming Pools a Danger to My Hardwood Flooring?

Well, let’s not blame the pool directly. It’s more of the traffic in an outside of the area of the pool.

You see when we go out to the pool, especially as children do, we don’t really think about anything but jumping right in. Bare feet can pick up a plethora of debris and as most of our pools are outlined with some sort of surface area, sedimentary bits attach to the wet feet once we are out of the water. We then track these sandy, highly abrasive materials back into the house, completely unaware of the damage these micro pellets are doing to our hardwood flooring.


Colorful Flip Flops Beside A Pool Are A Great Way To Get Your Kids To Wear Them When Walking To and From The Pool.

Another thing we think less about is the fact that wet bodies are coming in and out of the home. See where I’m going with this?

Of course you do, if you know anything about flooring you know that hardwood flooring isn’t really made to let water stand on it without absorbing it. This will cause damage to your hardwood flooring. Discoloration will typically follow.

Speaking of Discoloration, are you opening your blinds and letting the light in on these beautiful days?

Warning! While this may seem a wonderful idea, your hardwood flooring can darken when it comes to constant sun exposure. Many people do not realize this until it is too late, but luckily you have read this so now you know to keep them shaded!

Summer Season Hardwood Flooring Protection


  • Use mats that are designed to absorb moisture. Place them at the openings of your home on bother the outside and inside of the doorways. This will catch extra water as well as allow for removing dirt and debris from the feet.
  • Place dry towels at the entrances on the outside of the door for children and guests to dry off before they even step foot inside the house.
  • Keep your flooring shaded or minimize the amount of sun time that the flooring is exposed to. If you really want to let some light in that  is completely fine, just make sure to protect your hardwood flooring after you are finished enjoying it by closing the blinds you opened when finished or no longer in the room.

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