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Do you love relaxing on your patio? Have a poolside area or need a great surface on which to practice those golf putting moves? Whatever your outdoor areas entail, we think these spaces could be made even better with some high-quality indoor/outdoor carpeting. Indoor/outdoor carpets provide a soft texture under your feet that is comfortable to the touch and is pleasing to the eye. As a versatile flooring option that offers unique durability and long-lasting beauty, these amazing options are likely just right for you.

Inside and Outdoor Carpet Suppliers

Georgia Carpet is an inside and outdoor carpet supplier. Indoor and outdoor carpets are specifically made to be used both inside and outside of the home. They will not be damaged by exposure to the elements, so it doesn't matter if they become wet from rain or other damp conditions. Indoor/outdoor carpets are UV-resistant and won't be bleached out by the sun. In fact, this type of carpeting doesn't really dull in color at all. You can use this textured outdoor flooring on any porch, patio, sundeck or balcony. Think you've seen it all in wholesale indoor/outdoor carpet options? Think again! Today's indoor/outdoor carpeting options have advanced in options since they first appeared and we are even beginning to see patterned versions as well.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Facts

Indoor and outdoor carpeting types vary in colors, designs and textures and include grass turf, cut pile velour, plush and even loop styles. These carpets are almost always made of synthetic polymers like olefins and other plastics. The traditional-style green and earth tones are the most popular color choices. These durable products can be installed in many ways and in different spaces. They're available in small area rugs for defining outdoor space usage to outdoor carpet wall to wall (or border to border), offering great versatility in design and style.

Advantages of Indoor/Outdoor Carpets

There are so many advantages to indoor/outdoor carpeting in your home:

  • It's incredibly affordable
  • It's ideal for hard surfaces
  • It's practically impermeable to the elements
  • It's available in a wide range of colors

With its affordable price and its easy installation, indoor/outdoor carpeting could be a weekend project that you decide to install on whim. Replace uncomfortably hard, bland or industrial-looking surfaces with a high-quality outdoor and indoor carpet for instant style and décor. These options will withstand rain, ice, snow and sun damage and will provide your areas with long-lasting beauty. You can install this comfortable and stylish flooring option anywhere and you will not be limited to any design aesthetic. 

Disadvantages of Indoor/Outdoor Carpets

Although there are many advantages to indoor and outdoor carpeting, there are a few disadvantages as well:

  • They may not be as comfortable as plush indoor-only carpets
  • They may be slightly rough on bare feet
  • If a lower quality indoor outdoor carpet is chosen, they may look a bit cheap


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Wholesale Indoor Outdoor Carpet Considerations

When buying this particular type of carpet, you should consider several variables. Density will be your key factor in determining the longevity or the "lifespan" of the carpet. When shopping around, its essential to make sure that the carpet is UV resistant: Many cheaper versions can lack the protection standard that all indoor-outdoor carpets should have. And finally, it is important that you ask your salesperson about how well the carpet can handle moisture (for exposed outdoor areas or around pool spaces). If you know that your carpet will be exposed to a lot of moisture, don't worry - just choose a short fiber carpet with a marine backing. That should handle it!

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Installation

It is much easier to install indoor/outdoor carpet than other traditional flooring installations. Check out these simple steps to install:

  1. Make sure you have all of the materials that you will need: double-sided tape or an adhesive, measuring tape and a razor knife.
  2. Clean the workspace where the carpet will lay by removing all debris and grime.
  3. Lay double-sided tape along the edge of the area in which you want the carpet to be installed. Make sure that you do not remove the tape's backing yet. Next, lay the carpet down in the area to be covered, making sure that you have excess on every edge.
  4. Trim/cut the excess carpet from the edges with the razor knife.
  5. Carefully roll half of the carpet on itself and spread the adhesive if needed. When you are done, carefully unroll the carpet, making sure that there are no gaps or air pockets underneath. If you choose, you can rent a carpet roller for a day for a little under $20. After that side is completed, reverse and repeat.
  6. Gently lift the edge of the carpet and take the top side of the tape backing off. Press down on the edges. (If you used adhesive, just adhere the edges.)

Now don't get it wet for a full 24 hours and enjoy. It is time to invite the neighbors over for a barbeque!

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Suppliers Online

Georgia Carpet is your source for premium indoor and outdoor carpet selections, including those from top brands like Shaw and our house brand, Georgia Carpet. You'll find an amazing selection from which to choose - all collections are affordable, unique and beneficial to your high-traffic indoor or outdoor spaces. As an authorized retailer of some of the top brands within the carpeting and flooring industry, Georgia Carpet can help you find the right flooring for your spaces. Contact us or check out our other resources and begin better enjoying your outdoor areas with this popular carpeting choice that lasts, season after season.

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