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Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Outdoor Carpet

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Do you love relaxing on your patio?  I bet it would be even better with a soft texture under your feet.  And that my friend is the point of this amazingly versatile flooring option.

Indoor outdoor carpets are specifically made to be able to be used both inside and outside of the home.  It will not become damaged to the exposure of the elements, so it doesn’t matter if it becomes wet from rain or bleached by the sun’s UV rays.  In fact it doesn’t really dull in color at all.  You can use this textured outdoor flooring on any porch, patio, sundeck, balcony, or even by the pool.  These carpets have become very popular and have advanced in options since they first appeared.  I’m even beginning to see patterned versions.

Some advantages of having indoor outdoor carpeting:

  • It is priced to be incredibly affordable, so this could be a weekend project on a whim if you choose.
  • It looks wonderful on hard surfaces. I mean I get tired of looking at a bland concrete slab while sunbathing by the pool.
  • Because it is practically impermeable to natural elements like rain, ice, snow, and sun damage, you can take comfort in the fact that these weathering elements will not affect the carpeting.
  • It is available in just about any color that you can think of, with different textures and styles, so you will not be limited to any design aesthetic.


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There are a few disadvantages and it is only fair to list these as well:

  • It is not as comfortable as plush indoor only carpets can be.
  • It can be slightly rough on bare feet.
  • If you select a lower quality indoor outdoor carpet it can tend to look a bit cheap.
When buying this particular type of carpet you should consider several variables. Density will be your key factor in determining the longevity or “lifespan” of the carpet. When shopping around you need to make sure that the carpet is stand and UV resistant, as many cheaper versions can lack the protection standard that all indoor outdoor carpets should have. And finally it is important that you ask your salesperson about how well the carpet can handle moisture, as around pool applications will require it. If you know that your carpet will be exposed to a lot of moisture, don’t worry, just choose a short fiber carpet with a marine backing and that should handle it.

Facts about Indoor Outdoor Carpets:

  • These carpets are almost always made of synthetic polymers such as olefins and other plastics.

  • This carpet is available in textures such as; grass turfs, cut pile velour, plush, and even loop styles!

  • Green and earth tones are the most popular choices in color.

  • It can be installed in many ways, from a small area rug to a wall to wall or I should say border to border.
  • As far as installing this carpet, it is much easier than a traditional flooring installation. Check out these simple steps to install:
  • Start with grabbing the materials that you will need which include: double sided tape or an adhesive for outdoor carpeting, measuring tape and a razor knife.

  • Clean the workspace where the carpet will lay by removing all debris and grime.

  • Next lay the double sided tape along the edge of the area that you want the carpet to be installed. But make sure that you do not remove the tapes backing yet.

  • Now, lay the carpet down in the area to be covered, making sure that you have excess on every edge. Take the razor knife and cut the excess carpet from the edges.

  • After this is done, carefully roll half of the carpet on itself and spread the adhesive if needed. When you are done carefully unroll the carpet making sure that there are no gaps or air pockets underneath. If you choose you can rent a carpet roller for a day for a little under $20. After that side, reverse and repeat.

  • After that is done gently lift the edge of the carpet and take the top side of tape backing off and press down on the edges. (if you used adhesive just adhere the edges.)

  • Now don’t get it wet for a full 24 hours and enjoy, it is time to invite the neighbors!

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