Dixie Home Carpet Maintenance and Care

By purchasing an EnVisionSD™ Pet Solutions, EnVision® Nylon or DuraSilk® carpet from your local retailer,
you have made a great decision. Throughout Canada and the United States, you receive quality products
that are proudly crafted in the USA with love and special care. All warranties described in this brochure
are only applicable to carpets made with EnVisionSD™ Pet Solutions, EnVision® Nylon or DuraSilk® fibers
by DH Floors.

Flooring is just like any other investment; it needs to be taken care of, maintained and regularly serviced
for the best experience and long life. For the best possible performance vacuum regularly and in heavy
traffic areas more often. Maintaining warranty coverage IS THE CUSTOMER OBLIGATION AND
responsibility to do the following:
• Clean spills and or soiled areas promptly.
• If the problem persists after do-it-yourself cleaning, then your carpet must be professionally cleaned
(at your expense; maintenance cost are not reimbursed under any circumstances).
• If the issue is not resolved after professional cleaning, contact the DH Floors Customer CARE within
30 days of the professional cleaning.
• To qualify for coverage under all limited warranties outlined in this warranty brochure, you must have
had hot water extraction cleaning (aka steam cleaning) performed by a trained, qualified carpet care
professional, at least as frequently as every 18 months from the date of your carpet purchase. Please
save receipts for proof.
• To learn more about carpet care or to get cleaning tips on specific stains, please visit

Carpet & Rug Institute (, several other independent agencies and the flooring industry
have established standards for various carpet performances. For the purpose of all warranties, the
following definitions shall apply:
1. For determining anti-static warranty claim, AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and
Colorists, Research Triangle Park, NC)Test Method 134 shall apply. Per established standards,
your carpet will not generate static greater than 5.0 kilovolts.
2. Minimum Carpet Cushion requirements (aka padding):
a) Canada: Carpet must be installed over cushion that meets all the minimum parameters as
per CGSB (4) Standard 20-GP-23M entitled “Standard for Cushion, Carpet, Flexible Polymeric
Material.” This standard sets minimum requirements for carpet cushion density (kg/m3),
thickness (mm), and other physical characteristics, which determine performance. We
recommend minimum of 7/16 inch (1.11 CM) thickness and 8 lb. (3.628 kg.) weight.
b) The U.S.: carpet must be installed over cushion that meets the HUD UM 72a, Class 1
standards. This certification sets minimum requirements for carpet cushion density (lbs./ft3),
thickness (in.), weight (oz./sq. yd.), and other physical characteristics which determine
performance. We recommend minimum of 7/16 Inch thickness and 8 Lb. weight.
3. Texture retention is defined as the fiber’s ability to maintain its tufts. See the Carpet & Rug
Institute Standard 20-GP-23M and is measured by using an international standardized rating
scale. Carpets made with EnVisionSD™ Pet Solutions, EnVision® Nylon & DuraSilk® fibers have
unique ability to retain their visible shape and not burst, bloom, open or lose their twist with
normal household traffic. This warranty is limited to loss of texture from foottraffic, resulting
in tufts bursting, blooming, opening or losing theirtwist which cannot be corrected.
Dixie Home. TDG# 100-1-Effective January 2023 P 2 of 7
4. Abrasive wear of a carpet is defined as fiber loss due to abrasion. All EnVisionSD™ Pet Solutions,
EnVision® Nylon & DuraSilk® carpets are made with the utmost care and consequently shall not
lose more than 10% of its face weight during the term of this warranty. Carpet & Rug Institute
Standard 20-GP-23M defines the specifics of this warranty.
5. Fade resistance is defined as color change from natural contaminants and exposure to sunlight.
AATCC Gray Scale criterion shall determine the claim obligations. Fade warranty is ONLY
applicable to carpets made with EnVisionSD™ Pet Solutions & DuraSilk® fibers.
6. Lifetime: Is defined as the life of the carpet and as long as you own it. All these warranties are
only applicable to owner occupied homes. Commercial properties, offices, rental homes, vacation
homes and time-share homes are excluded from these warranties.
7. Transferability: All warranties are transferable in the event you sell your home. You must provide
cleaning proof as applicable before the new owner will receive warranty transferletter from DH Floors.
8. Professional cleaner: For the purpose of warranty and claims, professional cleaner refers to a
legitimate business, trained in the profession and has the truck mounted hot water extraction
(aka steam cleaning) cleaning equipment in working condition.
9. Limited Warranties: For the purpose of warranty and claims, “limited warranty” is limited to
replacement of like kind carpet, per these warranty terms and conditions and no punitive or pain
and suffering damages are warranted.
10. Warranty is a legal and binding agreement: By purchasing the products covered under these
warranties, you agree to all terms and conditions listed in this guide. No verbal and or implied
warranty is applicable.
If you have fulfilled all your maintenance obligations, DH Floors will repair and or replace the affected areas in
compliance and accordance with above industry standards and definitions. If a reasonable repair is not possible,
DH Floors will replace the affected area.

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