What Flooring Areas Are Considered "High Traffic"?

The term “high-traffic areas” is commonly used when referring to characteristics of flooring. Sometimes the particular product you are looking at will specifically say it is made for these areas. But what exactly does this phrase mean? Aren’t all areas where people walk high-traffic? What makes this so important?

To be more clear, high-traffic areas are places in your home or business that have more foot traffic/activity. This also includes spots that are more susceptible to dirt and accidents. Rooms like the kitchen or entryway where people (or pets) are constantly entering and exiting need the highest quality flooring that won’t scratch or wear with constant use. Of course you always want a product that is durable, but sometimes it’s necessary to have a little bit of extra protection in certain sections of your flooring. This is especially true when it comes to LVP in bathrooms and kitchens. Places exposed to water and moisture should have highly water resistant or even waterproof flooring. Other areas like a mudroom or entryway/lobby need to be easy to clean due to their constant dirt tracking. So what kind of products work best for these areas? How do I choose one? Question yourself no further, Georgia Carpet Industries is here to give you the scoop on the best flooring for high-traffic areas!

Generally speaking, products that come with a commercial warranty work well in heavily-used areas. This can range from carpet to tile, or even engineered hardwood. They are specifically designed to accommodate busy spaces and with its warranty, you are sure to rest easy knowing you made the right choice. If just looking for commercial warranties is too general for you, we have a few top choices for high-traffic flooring. The first one is luxury vinyl planks. These planks give you the option of tile or wood looks, all while being water-resistant and easy to clean. If you are looking for something a bit more comfortable to walk on, laminate is the way to go. It has a little less water-resistance than LVP but it also has a wider variety of looks and is highly scratch resistant. For those that really just want the traditional wood look and feel, hardwood is a great option as well. It can be refinished or oil-finished, depending upon the brand, to keep up the newer appearance. It is not the best option for splash zones so an entryway/hallway would be perfect for this type of flooring. If you want the best of both worlds you should look into engineered hardwood. It has the same rich character of hardwood but it comes with better water-resistance like LVP or laminate.

Now if you want something based solely on comfort, there are plenty of carpets to choose from. This is where looking for commercial warranties comes into play. These carpets are made for large, busy areas so it is easy to find one that you like. On the more expensive side of carpet, the tile option is also very good for high-traffic places. With carpet tile you can easily replace a stained or torn section instead of having a whole roll cut to fit. This is more cost effective in the long run. As with any flooring, carpet must be consistently cleaned and cared for. Even under the highest traffic demands, a clean good quality carpet will maintain its appearance. Hopeful these few products gave you a better feel for what will fit in your high-traffic areas. We have all of these products and more at Georgia Carpet Industries!

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