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Summer is front and center and we are grilling like mad people. While the charcoals make for a tasty meal during the warm weather they can really stain the carpet. I’m sure at some point you have come across the unpleasant sight of black stains on your carpet, so what do you do? Remove it of course! Today we will be discussing how to get rid of charcoal stains from your carpet.

Steps to Removing Charcoal Stains from Carpet


1.  Start by vacuuming up all of the bits of charcoal thoroughly, the beater bar will definitely come in handy so be sure it is active.

2.  Now we will make a solution consisting of:

  • A Quarter Cup of Dish Soap (unscented and clear)
  • A Cup of warm water

Blend together with a whisk until the solution gets foamy.

3. Now take the solution and test it on a hidden part of the carpet to make sure discoloration will not be an issue.



4. Now that it has been tested apply the foam solution directly to the carpet.

5.  Allow the foam to stand on the carpet for a minimum of 5 minutes. Do not rub it in, the point is to allow the suds from the foam to pull the charcoal out of the carpet.

6.  With a clean wash clothe blot the area dry and then rinse it with cold water.

7.With a different clothe, blot up the remaining wet in the carpet.

8. If the stain is still visible at this point repeat the process over again until it has been eliminated.

9. Once the stain has disappeared take a stack of napkins or paper towel and layer them over the area. Weight it down with a heavy book and allow it to sit and soak up any excess moisture.

10. After its all dry vacuum to restore its former shape.

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