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Chesapeake Flooring Laminate

Chesapeake Flooring began in the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. Stretching throughout the Mid-Atlantic, this area has a long history of beauty, natural resources, stunning landscapes, and traditional craftsmanship. Chesapeake Laminate Collection draws on these elements as inspiration for the design of its products. The visuals and richness of Chesapeake Bay find themselves embedded in this laminate flooring. For those who appreciate the beauty of hardwood and stone but are concerned about maintenance or budget, laminate flooring can be the perfect compromise. With Chesapeake’s modern manufacturing methods, gone is the flooring of the past. Today’s laminate is shockingly realistic, capturing the colors, scale, and surface texture of the real thing. Laminate is sturdy, easy to clean, and simple to install–all within a sensible budget. Whether you have a busy home or just need something that won’t break the bank, Chesapeake Laminate Collection has everything you need so make sure to check out the designs below!

Chesapeake Flooring Laminate

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