Hill Country Innovations LVP/LVT Maintenance and Care

Maintenance Guide for HCI Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

The type or frequency of traffic on your Tile or Plank will determine the frequency of maintenance needed. The color of the floor will
have some bearing on how much care may be necessary.

Regular adherence to an effective maintenance program should include:
Thorough dirt and grit regulation, Prompt removal of spills and stains, Protection of the floor surface The most effective part of any floor
maintenance program is the simplest: sweep, dust mop or vacuum DAILY, or more frequently if needed.

Sweep or vacuum thoroughly and remove any adhesive residue from surface. Mineral Spirits can be used. Do not wash floor for at least
48 hours after installation. Lightly damp mop with a very diluted solution Vinyl Cleaner. Remove any scuffs and excessive soil by careful
scrubbing. Certain types of rubber heel marks may be removed by rubbing with a cloth dampened with a Vinyl Black Scuff/Adhesive
Remover. All traffic and furniture should stay off the floor for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to dry. Do not wash any installation
for 48 hours. In order to prevent indentations and scratches, provide glass, plastic or other non-staining cups with flat under surfaces
not less than 2” in width for the legs of heavy furniture or appliance. Equip swiveled-type office chairs and other rolling furniture with
broad surface non-staining casters at least 2” in diameter. Remove small diameter buttons from the legs of straight chairs and replace
with metal glides that have bearing surfaces not less than 1” in diameter. Protect your floor against burns. Burns from the glowing end
of a cigarette, matches, or other extremely hot items can damage floors. Do not flood floor, subject to frequent standing water, or use
in high moisture areas.

Hill Country Tile and LVT will perform commercially provided a sound maintenance program is followed. Light daily sweeping, dust
mopping or vacuuming will prevent dirt and grit particles from being ground into the surface of the tile. Non-rubber, non-staining walk
off mats should be used to control the amount of dirt and grit reaching the floor. The mats should be as wide as the doorway and thick
enough to trap dirt and should be cleaned on a regular basis. Frequent light mopping will prevent the floor from becoming heavily
soiled and will remove most spills and stains. The amount and type of traffic will dictate the frequency of washing. Wash the floor by
damp mopping with Neutral Cleaner diluted with warm water. If the floor receives hard use and becomes extremely dirty, as in heavily
commercial installations, an occasional scrubbing may be necessary. This can be accomplished by using a low speed buffer 300 RPM
or less with a red scrubbing–type (polyester or nylon) pad. Spray the floor with diluted Neutral Cleaner and work the solution over the
floor using the buffer and the scrubbing pad. Once this is accomplished, remove the dirty residue by damp mopping with clear water
or with a wet vacuum.

To remove stubborn spots or stains from tiles/planks, always begin with mild cleaners, such as vinyl Neutral Cleaner. If this fails to remove
stain, use Mineral Spirits. Do not use harsh solvents, such as Acetone, or lacquer thinner, as these type products can permanently soften
and damage the surface. For extreme staining, (paints, permanent markers, dyes) try applying fingernail polish remover containing
Acetone (not straight Acetone) applied to soft cloth and rubbing. Any damage resulting from use of pure solvents IS NOT covered by the
warranty. Always test stronger cleaning agents on sample pieces or in unnoticeable areas first before attempting on affected areas.

Although tiles/planks are resistant to scuffing and scratching, surface damage can occur with hard enough use, or if floor is improperly
maintained. If damage occurs, try hand buffing the spot with 0000 steel wool, using a solution of mineral spirts. If damage is deep, try
using 000 steel wool.

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