The Best Floor for Each Room in Your Home

Finding a floor to match the particular room isn’t really hard, but there are a few things one should be aware of. Just like each room in your home, each type of flooring has a specific function. Finding the right fit for function is where it can be a little tricky. During this process you will have to focus less on looks and more on features, making it less appealing to some. Today, we will be going over several flooring options for each room in your home. This will allow you to find something that you are both happy with and that won’t wind up being a disaster later.

The Best Floor for Each Room in your Home


The Living Room, Den, Family Room – These room are among the most important in the home as far as entertaining or relaxing goes. In many homes, it is the community center. Typically this is where you will decompress at the end of your day, play games with friends and have snacks. The flooring must be both functional and comfortable in this room, here are a few stellar options:


  • Hardwood Flooring w/ Area Rug – Hardwood is definitely impressive to company and easy for you to clean if a spill happens. The Area Rug makes it more cozy for the little ones.
  • Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring is a great option when you have pets who love to hang with the family. Scuffs and scratches have a hard time making an appearance on these floors.
  • Carpet – Carpet is by far the family favorite as far as being comfortable to walk and play on, although it stains easier and requires longer maintenance than hard surface floors.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank – If you are looking for a pliable flooring that gives that old world look, this is a great option for a living room granted you don’t have kids. It can be a little cold for crawling and playing on.


The Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Mud Rooms – Functionality is of utmost importance in these rooms of the home. This is mainly due to the sheer amount of moisture and spills that tend to happen on a day to day basis. Here are some great floor choices for these rooms:


  • Luxury Vinyl Tile – This is the perfect blend of moisture protection and style. It is also more comfortable than traditional tiling on bare feet. The installation is easy and it is quite affordable if you shop around.
  • Sheet Vinyl Flooring – While not always the easiest on the eye, this floor provides the best spill and stain protection available. This floor is also the cheapest to buy and installation is a breeze. The options are a little less than authentic looking though.
  • Ceramic or Stone Tile – These are the upper-crust options for these rooms and they are stunning. Nothing looks quite as beautiful as properly installed and grouted tile. Spills are easy to clean up and this is one floor that you can actually where shoes on without worry as the scratches and scuffs are almost impossible to make.


Bed Rooms and Nurseries – These are the private quarters of any home and really reflect what is comfortable to you, after all this is where you spend the majority of your time as sleeping is something we all do. Visual appeal is important but so is functionality. Here are my floor choices for bed rooms and nurseries:


  • Carpet – This floor is so warming and soft. Stepping out of bed is never a shock to cold when it comes to carpet like some hard surface floors. With carpet you can also find more calming and cooling colors to choose from.
  • Hardwood Flooring – If you prefer a floor with a lot of personality over comfort, then this is the perfect choice for these rooms. Hardwood floors continue to dominate the market, and will continue to do so. Just make sure you keep your slippers close to the bed cause it gets cold at night.
  • Carpet tiles – This is more of a nursery floor option, as they are incredibly soft and safe for baby to play on. They can also be cleaned very easily in case the inevitably spill happens.

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