Pentz Commercial LVP Maintenance and Care

Maintenance Guidelines

At Pentz®, we believe that clean carpet is important. Most
importantly, proper programmed maintenance promotes
a healthier environment. Therefore, it is the intent of this
document to provide information that will keep your
carpet looking its best. Clean carpet can be accomplished
by properly selecting the maintenance system that best
meets your needs. The next step is to program the system
so as to always provide great looking carpet and at the
same time protect your carpet investment by extending
not only its beauty, but its life as well.

We believe the following information will be greatly
helpful, making carpet maintenance a seamless
experience. However, it is not intended to cover every
building’s requirements or situation. It is therefore
necessary for trained personnel to evaluate this
information and implement proper maintenance
procedures that will work for your individual space.

As for planning your maintenance program, certain
areas will require increased attention. High spillage
areassuch asfood service, coffee service, main entrances,
elevators and traffic lanes require particular attention.
The maintenance of your new carpet is not complicated.

There are four carpet maintenance categories:
• Preventative,
• Daily
• Interim
• Restorative

Each category is very important and one is dependent
upon the other. There must be a maintenance plan that
includes all four categories.

Your carpet maintenance program is the key to having a
great looking carpet every day.


I. Preventive Maintenance

A. Mill applied topical protection.
B. Entrance Mats
• 85% of carpet soil comes into the building on shoe soles.
Viable walk-off mats at all entrances are needed to trap
and hold soil before it is tracked into the interior floor
surfaces. A minimum of 15 feet of walk-off matting is
• Consider carpeting elevator cabs.

II. Daily Maintenance

A. Vacuuming: See CRI listing at www.carpet-rug.orgfor
complete vacuum listing.
• Vacuuming can reduce 80% of the dry soil on a
daily basis.
B. Spot and stain removal: See CRI listing at www. for complete spot cleaner listing.
• Ideally, spot and stains should be removed immediately.
Some food dyes and liquids are capable of producing
permanent stains. Without fail, all spots, spills, gum,
and stains must be removed daily.
• Pretest all cleaning agents on a scrap piece of the carpet
or in an inconspicuous area. Allow the test area to dry.
If there is any color change, do not continue. Pretest
until a safe cleaning agent is obtained.
• Liquid Spills – blot thoroughly with white cotton
toweling, or use a “mini” extractor to remove spills.
Wicking action will cause soaked or untreated spills to
recur during routine extraction cleaning.
• Dry Stains - gently break up dry soil with a spoon, and
then vacuum. Moisten the area with a pre-tested spotter.
Gently agitate the area using a clean white cotton
toweling. Thoroughly blot dry with dry cotton
toweling. Repeat these steps until the spot is removed.
• Difficult Spots - Oils, grease, ink, fruit drinks, wine,
plant food, urine, oxy type cleaners, oven cleaner,
toilet bowl cleaner, dyes, drain cleaners, mildew
removers, insecticides, foot powders medicines, acids,
bleachers, etc., may damage the carpet fibers or require specialty spotters for removal.

III. Interim Maintenance

• Dry Extraction or Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning–
Entrances, funnel areas, heavy traffic areas, food and
beverage areas, and corridors should be cleaned a
minimum of every 60 days. Host’s SJ or XL North’s
Grab Dry Extraction Systems and Whittaker’s LOMAC
Encapsulate System or XL North’s Liquid Grab Green
Encapsulation System are designed to help maintain
your carpet’s appearance between scheduled restorative
cleanings. These interim maintenance systems do not
leave the carpet wet and subject to re-soiling.
*Spin Bonnet voids warranty

IV. Restorative Maintenance
This final part of a carpet maintenance system is deep
cleaning and re-application of topical carpet protection.
1. Pre-Spray carpet. See CRI listing at for complete list of carpet
2. Pile lifting followed by hot water extraction and
low pH rinse.
3. Reapplication of aftermarket topical carpet protection.

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• IICRC Referral System for Certified Firms, 800.835.4624,
• Vacuum Cleaners, Spot Cleaners, Deep Cleaning Systems are laboratory tested and approved
by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval,


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