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Use this Flooring Calculator to Estimate the square feet you will need, and approximate price.

Note: Have your rooms measured by your installer before you order your flooring!

Use this flooring calculator as an estimator only, as different room dimensions, flooring materials, and other variables are all factors in determining the actual amount of materials used to complete your flooring needs.

Note: Most carpet is made in standard widths of 12', 13'6" and 15'. 90% of carpet is 12 ft wide. Check the specifications of the style of carpet you have chosen to see what the available widths are. Any room which both the length and width is wider than 12 ft. the carpet will need to be cut to fit and seams made. You should always measure the longest and widest part of the room and halfway out into all doorways. Then add at least 3" to both width and length. This will usually give enough for cutting and trimming.

Pattern Match! If the carpet or vinyl has a pattern match you will need to add the full pattern match to the length of your carpet or vinyl.

Simply enter your room dimensions in feet. To get an idea of cost add the square foot pricing.

For example, if your room is a 10' x 10', you would enter your width as 12, and your length as 10 which equals 120 sq ft.



Price Per Square Foot $

Approx. material needed: sq. ft. (Note: Add approx. 10% to total.)

Approximate Cost $:

Note: If you only know the square yard price - divide it by 9 to get the sq ft. price)

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