Luxury Vinyl Tile, the Best Bathroom Floor!


Renovating is always fun, until you get to the hardware that is... I'm talking about the bathroom. While many of us don't consider it to be such a big part of our homes, it is probably the busiest room. If you have kids then you definitely know what I'm talking about. Luxury Vinyl Tile is hands down the best and most economical option for the bathroom. Allow me to explain why...

Luxury Vinyl Tile is the Best Bathroom Floor

Fairly new in the flooring industry luxury vinyl tile was brought to a residential light in the early 80's and has since caught on in the market and become a mainstream flooring option. Gone are the days of asbestos, so you are safe to use it without worry in your home now.

Luxury vinyl tile has great benefits in situations in the home when it comes to high humidity and moisture problems, particularly basements, kitchens and bathrooms. When focusing on bathrooms vinyl tile really has no flaws. Check out these Benefits of choosing vinyl tile for the bathroom:

Vinyl Tile Bathroom Benefits:

  • Price - The price of luxury vinyl tile isn't the cheapest, but it is in the mid-range of flooring options for the home. It will typically fall between good quality Carpet and Sheet Vinyl Flooring. There are many deals on vinyl tile if you shop online offered by major brands and smaller companies alike.
  • Durability - Luxury vinyl tile is an excellent choice for those households who suffer from hard play. Whether it be kids, high heels or pets, this floor really holds its' own. Most vinyl tile is made of components that make it very hard to damage, even if you are trying.
  • Functionality - The moisture resistance is the best a floor can offer in bathrooms. This is because vinyl in general is pretty much impermeable to moisture. The only danger that may be associated is if you have gaps between your tile due to a botched installation.
  • DIY Power - Installing luxury vinyl tile is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do in your home. No special cutting tools are required to do the job, and you save a ton of money on the installation expenses you would have with other flooring types.

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