Axiscor LVP Maintenance and Care

Vinyl flooring makes maintenance easy. Just follow these guidelines and consult your flooring professional for their recommendations.

VACUUM - Vacuum with a hard floor attachment weekly, depending on the level of foot traffic, to pull debris up from between the planks. Don’t let dirt or sand build up. Abrasive debris can dull the finish and create scratches over time.

SPOT CLEAN - Clean lightly soiled areas with distilled water. Promptly remove any standing water, liquid, or pet urine. Follow up any spot cleans with a clean, dry cloth and clear water to remove any streaks or residue.

DEEP CLEAN - Clean with a vinyl-approved hard floor cleaner such as Bona Hard Floor Cleaner. Test any cleaner in an inconspicuous spot before using, and follow all manufacturer’s directions.

AVOID - Never use ammonia-based cleaners, wax-based cleaners, oil-based cleaners, abrasive cleaners, buffers, beater bars, or steam mops, which can leave a residue or damage the vinyl.

BE AWARE - Watch out for heels that have lost their protective padding and small rocks that can scratch the floor. Trim or file pets’ nails regularly. Place a hard surface, non-rubber area mat underneath office chairs.

PROTECT - Put mats at all entrances to keep dirt and grime from reaching the floor. Use felt pads, wide vinyl pads, or rollers under the legs of furniture. Be sure to use non-rubber, non-staining mats and rug pads.

MOVING - When moving heavy furniture or appliances, place a sheet of plywood or Masonite underneath the furniture to avoid scratches or gouges.

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