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In the commercial carpet industries, durability is the key to success. We all like color and a vast majority of people like comfort, but these characteristics don't equate to much if the carpet falls apart with some light foot traffic. Commercial carpet companies are spending a tremendous amount of time, constructing, designing, working with, read more...

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and innovating carpet fibers to withstand heavy commercial traffic. When's the last time you went to a motel or hotel and saw hardwood flooring. Its almost obsolete in today's market. Given the capabilities to uphold the everyday flooring consumer, commercial carpet and carpet tiles are becoming somewhat of a residential trend, as well as their current situation in hospitality carpet markets. Georgia Carpet Industries prides itself to being the leading wholesale carpet dealer in the carpet capital of the world, Dalton Georgia. And one thing we know about is carpet. Georgia Carpet, or Craig's Carpet as we are sometimes known for, is a leading commercial carpet company, boasting our own brand of commercial carpet and commercial carpet tiles. Hotel/Motel carpets is our specialty. What is the major difference between residential and commercial carpet? The difference is the twist pattern and yarn fiber used. Cheap motel/hotel carpet use what is commonly known as a loop or berber twist. AS the name states, you don't cut the yarn before rerouting back through the backing. The yarn forms a loop, combining most all the strands together, promoting unity, This technique gives the commercial carpet tile great durability. A loop, cut pile carpet is also very common in hospitality carpet businesses because it enables the carpet flooring consumer to detail the carpet without changing the color, by using the looped yarn, or vise versa, as the pattern. Its just like when someone has vacuumed a fresh, plush carpet. you can see the vacuumed pattern because it moves the yarn in the same direction. Then you take your finger, and draw patterns in the carpet. We've all done it. This is the same concept used in the design of the patterned loop, cut pile carpet. In the event that you can spend some extra cash for luxury, the loop pile commercial carpet is the way to go. If cheap carpet, or cheap carpet remnants is on the stand, commercial carpet tiles is your huckleberry. Carpet tiles, most often all commercial, are the most widely used products in the USA. Because of its inexpensive flooring qualities, ability to use naturally made resources, and speed of manufacturing, commercial carpet tiles are being used in residential and commercial applications alike. Call on Georgia Carpet Private Label to save you on all hospitality, motel, hotel, commercial carpet needs. Its a durable choice.  In addition to our private label products, we carry commercial carpet from well known manufacturers, such as Shaw, Mohawk, Bolyu and many more. Contact us for a free carpet quote.