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Commercial Carpet Selections

When you're searching for the right commercial carpet, your needs are very different than carpeting for residential areas. Office and industrial carpet must be durable and long-lasting. It needs to have the ability to stand up to tremendous foot traffic and maintain a professional look for years and years. We all like color, texture and beautiful carpet. However, these characteristics don't equate to much if the carpet falls apart after a few years because of some light foot traffic. Commercial carpet companies have made it their business to design, create and construct products that are innovative and well-made, with special finishes and unique construction that meet a business' flooring needs. Georgia Carpet is proud to offer the best selection of carpet tiles, carpet squares and commercial carpet rolls. Buy where the dealers buy! At Georgia Carpet, we offer high-quality products that are purchased directly from all of the major carpeting mills. This makes for an incomparable selection of commercial carpet at the best possible prices for our customers. Read More...

Commercial Carpet

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Wholesale Prices on Commercial Carpet

Georgia Carpet Industries prides itself as a leading wholesale carpet dealer in the carpet capital of the world: Dalton, Georgia. For over four decades, our mission has been to provide wholesale pricing to homes and businesses throughout the country. We're a leading commercial carpet company, boasting our own brand of commercial carpets and commercial carpet tiles.

The Commercial Carpet Flooring Difference

What are the major differences between residential carpet and commercial carpet? The difference is in the twist patterns as well as the yarn fibers that are used in manufacturing. Given their capability to uphold tough flooring use, commercial carpet and carpet tiles are also becoming somewhat of a residential trend. Wherever you're looking to install commercial carpet, commercial carpet tiles and other striking commercial flooring, we have a stunning selection of products you can choose - from dark and dramatic carpets to light and airy neutral options. Because of the inexpensive flooring options that last, it makes sense that commercial carpet tiles are being used in both residential and commercial applications alike!

Hospitality Carpet

Commercial carpets are also popular in hospitality carpet markets, which is a specialty here at Georgia Carpet. Given the nature of the hospitality industry, cheap carpet flooring and cheap carpet tiles aren't an option for these spaces: after all, first impressions are everything. Many hospitality carpets use what is commonly known as a loop or a berber twist. The yarn forms a loop, combining most of the strands together to promote unity. This technique gives the commercial carpet tile its fantastic durability to withstand the rigors of everyday traffic. A loop, cut-pile carpet is also very common in the hospitality carpet business because it enables the carpet flooring consumer to detail the carpet, providing a striking presentation.

The Most Popular Commercial Carpeting

Carpet tiles and carpet squares are a widespread commercial trend, and for good reason, too. These options are some of the most widely used products in the United States because of their versatility and easy-to-install properties. They also allow offices, retail areas and businesses the flexibility they need to create unique patterns and unexpected accents that are both striking and professional.

Top Brands

Call on the Georgia Carpet Private Label to save you money and offer a stunning selection of all hospitality, motel, hotel and commercial carpets. In addition to our private label products, we carry commercial flooring from well-known manufacturers. We're an authorized dealer of some of the top flooring and commercial carpet brands in the industry. We stand behind these carpet tiles, carpet squares and commercial carpet products from carpeting manufacturers like Shaw, Mohawk, Pentz, Bolyu and many more.

Nationwide Shipping

Wherever you are in the country, Georgia Carpet can make commercial room carpeting a reality for you at a fraction of the cost. Nationwide shipping is available on all of our products. Contact us for a quote for your commercial carpet needs. Samples are available upon request. Our knowledgable customer service professionals are here to meet the unique needs of your business. We're also here to answer any questions you may have about carpet squares, commercial carpet tiles and other options. Unsure what product is right for you? We're here to help you sort it out and determine what style, color and type will bring you high-performance use for many years to come.