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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet: The Guide To Quality

Are you looking to spruce up your favorite outdoor areas in time for the nicer weather? Or maybe you want to find a more comfortable flooring option for your screened porch? Whatever the reason you're considering an outdoor carpet, Georgia Carpet is here to guide you through the whole process to make sure you find the right outdoor rugs for your needs and that you choose outdoor rugs that are designed to last. From choosing an indoor/outdoor carpet that suits you to installing your new rug and everything in between, we have some great guidelines, tips and information to share. When it comes to choosing quality, you want to know all the basics first.


Types of Outdoor Rugs

When shopping for outdoor rugs, it's important to know that not every rug is suitable for outdoor use. In fact, there are separate indoor and outdoor rugs available depending on what your needs are. It's important to explore all the different types of indoor/outdoor carpets that are available before making your decision. Many are made from synthetic fibers that are specifically treated against mold and mildew. Others are made from recycled materials for those who want to reduce waste and ensure sustainability when decorating their homes. Another great type of carpeting is the natural fiber ones like sisal. All of these can be installed in most outdoor spaces using various methods.


Learning how to put down outdoor carpet is easy. To install an outdoor carpet, typically a glue or a waterproof outdoor carpet adhesive in tape form is used to make sure the carpet does not slide around or blow away in inclement weather. If you are dealing with carpet rolls, the glue-down option might be a bit more tedious than using tape. With carpet tiles, it is much easier to lay and cut everything out, then to glue individual pieces in place. As with all carpet placement, make sure to pack down all the areas and edges for a sealed-in effect.


The Best Brands of Outdoor Carpets

Once you find the type of indoor/outdoor carpet you want, it is time to find a brand that offers what you are looking for. Georgia Carpet Industries carries all of the best brands of outdoor carpets, including Stanton, our own private label and Shaw Philadelphia. Each brand has its own pros and cons, but Shaw is backed by some of the best warranties in the industry and is known for its exceptional quality. Shaw is usually considered the best overall value with the widest selection of styles and designs whether you want a large outdoor rug or a small patio carpet.


Outdoor Carpets for Outdoor Areas

Now that we've gone over brands and types of indoor/outdoor carpet, you are probably thinking to yourself, "So what's the big deal? Is there really a difference from a regular carpet?" The answer is yes! The main differentiating factor between indoor and outdoor carpet is durability and moisture resistance. Almost all outdoor carpet can be used indoors but indoor carpet cannot be used outdoors. An indoor/outdoor carpet is made for high traffic and is easier to clean. It won't mildew or mold when exposed to the elements and many outdoor carpets are UV-treated to resist sun fading. Typically there are more Berber and woven styles with indoor/outdoor carpet since a style like shag would not do well in various weather conditions. Along with added fiber protection, outdoor carpets are made so that they don't retain dirt as easily, making cleaning up after having some fun in the sun virtually hassle-free.


Unlike indoor carpet, indoor/outdoor carpet can battle the elements and come out looking like new. It is resistant to mold and mildew which is important for keeping your porches, decks, patios, and sunrooms safe and comfortable. Even though your outdoor carpet is meant to handle tough conditions, it is also important to maintain your carpet as you would indoors. If you have a rug that is fairly easy to remove, it is always good to wash it out every so often. Just make sure to leave it out in the sun and dry both sides completely before you put it back. This ensures no mildew or mold spores get trapped in your beautiful carpet. For areas that are completely carpeted, a good vacuum and spot treatment will do the trick. If you are worried about fading in the sun, make sure to cover or bring your rugs in when you are not out actively enjoying their use. In areas where the entire floor space is covered, moving your carpets out of the sun or the rain may be a bit more difficult. Take the size of the carpet and potential weather exposure into consideration when choosing an indoor/outdoor carpet. Don't forget that your indoor/outdoor carpet can do more than just pad your porch. Most indoor outdoor carpets are even rated to go over boat decking, offering even more versatility. Generally, places that are fully covered are under some kind of overhang that will provide enough protection. We hope that these tips and information will help guide you as you choose your indoor/outdoor carpet. To learn more, visit our page, everything you need to know about indoor outdoor carpet. Here at Georgia Carpet Industries we offer a wide variety of carpets and flooring so make sure to check us out online at or in-store and don't forget about our carpet quality guide to help you find the right rug for any need.


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