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Mohawk Broadloom Commercial Carpet

Mohawk combines exceptional designs, textures, and colors to deliver durable, fashionable surfaces for any space in all forms of commercial carpet. They are one of the biggest manufactures in the flooring industry and have an extensive collection of commercial broadloom to choose from. Mohawk has absorbed two companies,  Aladdin and Horizon, and brought them into this flooring family. These two brands are now listed as collections under Mohawk so make sure to check them both out. Aladdin specializes in commercial carpet only, whereas Horizon offers commercial and residential styles. Whether you are looking for low or high-end styles, Mohawk has it all. They are one of the most budget-friendly companies, so they have something for everyone no matter what your range is. Mohawk offers comprehensive flooring solutions created specifically for commercial interiors featuring beautifully designed products, superior performance, and exceptional durability. You can find their commercial broadloom collection below but check here if you prefer a carpet tile.