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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Collection


Indoor/Outdoor carpet brings you a versatile way to use carpet. One of the many features of indoor/ outdoor carpet is it can be used virtually anywhere and it will stand up to the elements. It is great for patios, sundecks, boats and anywhere that traditional carpet can’t go. It is great for poolside. Instead of burning your feet on the concrete, you can have a comfortable surface that will save your feet from the burn. Aside from the places, it can be used, It is also affordable and is very durable. It never really becomes damaged from the wet rain or bleached by the sun’s UV rays and even snow and frost. It is available in just about every color you can think of with Green and earth tones being the most popular. You are not limited to one style with its versatile textures. Installation of Indoor/Outdoor carpet is much easier than traditional carpet. From mats that trap soil in entryways to performance turf that offers the look of grass without the maintenance, there is something for you.

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