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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Collection

Create comfortable living spaces inside or outside of your home with indoor/outdoor carpet from Georgia Carpet. As the name implies, this type of carpet is designed to go anywhere and handle any conditions without fading, matting, ripping or mildewing. Perfect for damp environments, the fast-drying carpets won't mildew or mold when exposed to moisture and heat. The carpets are also made to be UV-resistant, making them a great choice for patios and outdoor living areas or even for inside in front of a window. Indoor/outdoor carpets from Georgia Carpet bring you a versatile way to use carpet in any of your favorite living areas. One of the many features of indoor/outdoor carpet is it can be used virtually anywhere and it will stand up to the elements. Use indoor/outdoor carpet for patios, sundecks, boats and anywhere that traditional carpet can't go. Read More...

Indoor Outdoor Carpet

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Outdoor Living


Outdoor living is more comfortable when you have a soft rug to walk on. Indoor/outdoor rugs are great for poolside living. Instead of burning your feet on the concrete, you can have a comfortable surface that will save your feet from the burn. Indoor/outdoor rugs are able to withstand moisture and direct exposure to sunlight and other elements, so you can keep your new carpet out year-round without worry. Aside from the places it can be used, combination outdoor and indoor carpet it's also affordable and is very durable. It never really becomes damaged from the wet rain or bleached by the sun 's UV rays and even snow and frost is no match. Indoor/outdoor carpet flooring is available in just about every color you can think of with green and earth tones being the most popular.


Fast Drying


Indoor/outdoor carpets are typically made from a fast-drying material and are low-pile to keep moisture from becoming trapped. The carpets are available in a full assortment of styles and textures, so you can explore different colors, designs and feels to suit any space. You are not limited to one style with the carpet's versatile textures and some carpet designs even use texture to create visual interest. Installation of indoor/outdoor carpet is much easier than traditional carpet and most installations can be done by the average DIYer in just a few minutes From mats that trap soil in entryways to performance turf that offers the look of grass without the maintenance, there is the right indoor/outdoor carpet for any need. While you're shopping, don't forget to grab outdoor carpet backing for added plushness and performance. 


Shop at Georgia Carpet to get your hands on high-quality indoor/outdoor carpet in a variety of colors and styles. Create beautiful, comfortable outdoor living spaces and get the best value possible when you shop with us. At Georgia Carpet, you can buy where the dealers buy.