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Laminate Flooring - Plank and Tile

Waterproof, Kid-Proof, and Pet-Friendly Flooring


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Laminate flooring derives its name from “lamination.”  It's a self-explanatory name for this particular flooring type. A laminated veneer is placed on the top of an HDF (high-density fiber) board with a permeated heat-sealed back for stability. The visual is copied on a piece of HD canvas-board, giving the appearance of a real hardwood floor, then topped off with a protective urethane coating for additional protection.  With this category, customers can get a durable, inexpensive floor that appears to be indestructible.  Laminate (laminet) Flooring has considerably risen in popularity and became a valued centerpiece for all families. With this newfound demand, companies worked even more to improve the product with a locking system. This made it that much easier to install and avoided the dreaded glue-down installations. Homemakers and DIYers alike were immediately impressed. While laminate was first manufactured in China and imported, it has since become an American Made flooring product. Many manufacturers have adopted and built fast-producing, quality floors in the US.  

Shaw Laminate Flooring is one of the top flooring providers in the USA.  Mannington produces the most diverse and quality-made, durable laminated floor; please see Mannington Laminate Line for its laminate products.  The most significant downfall to the fastest-growing sector of the flooring industry is, of course, waterproof abilities. The waterproof laminate concept was just wishful thinking until Mohawk Industries stepped into the category.  Mohawk has introduced the RevWood Plus, an affordable, waterproof laminate with the strength and design that surpasses its predecessors. This durable laminate option is great for any active area, whether it is your home or light commercial space. Shaw also introduced the Repel Laminate Collection, which is also water-resistant and highly tenacious.   

If you are looking for high-end laminate, Dalton GA is the place to find it. Georgia Carpet Industries is in the world’s carpet capital, home to some of the biggest names in the flooring industry. Because of this, our access to discount laminate is exceptional. We can give you wholesale prices for popular collections such as Egger Laminate. With us, you can buy laminate flooring online or in-store!