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Tarkett Residential Carpet

The carpets in Tarkett’s residential line are unmatched. There is a wide variety of styles and textures that you can choose from. From neutral patterns to vibrant colors, Tarkett has it all. Durability and quality are the number one priority of this brand. While it is listed as a residential carpet, it has a commercial-grade construction. Many of their most popular designs are used in hotel rooms or business complexes. Areas with light commercial or even heavier household traffic are ideal for this particular line. While the construction is not fully commercial, it is a close second. Tarkett’s residential carpets are highly competitive in durability when it comes to other commercial brands. The gauge on these styles ranges from 10-12, so it is just between the residential and commercial standards. Whether you are looking for your home or office, Tarkett has a style for every decor. It is cost-effective, affordable, and made from the highest quality fiber. Check out the many designs of Tarkett below! 

Tarkett Residential Carpet

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