5 Benefits Of Buying Carpets Direct



Have you ever been to the big home improvement chain stores on a weekend? 

It’s almost more crowded than Disney World. I make it my weekend ritual to always do at least one thing to my home so I am very familiar with this type of environment. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I need to know about a product that I’m interested in, I get the feeling that the salesperson has no knowledge about the item. This, my friends is the most frustrating thing in the world! What a hassle!

Today we are discussing the benefits that come with buying your carpet direct. You will be pleasantly surprised at how different the experience that you have when buying direct, as opposed to expensive chain stores.


Here is my list of 5 great reasons that I like to buy carpet direct:

  • First and foremost, when you buy direct you get someone who knows what they are talking about. Nothing feels better than asking a question and knowing that you have gotten the right information. More than often when you are purchasing products from the area that they are manufactured, the sales people have typically grown up in the industry, thus they were brought up learning about the product inherently. As a consumer, this is exactly what I want from a sales person.
  • Second, you are supporting a community. In these rough economic times, communities that have spent years thriving and building on certain industries and have lost so much business to cheaper overseas manufacturing, that plants are shutting down. This, in turn affects entire communities. After this goes on long enough, jobs are lost, companies shut down, families lose homes, and the community in a whole becomes stagnant. With no income coming in, communities can not grow. So when you shop directly from the source, you are keeping communities alive.
  • Third, pride in what is done. When you shop direct, you become part of a close knit group of people, often times when buy carpet direct you are getting to know families. As most of the direct businesses are smaller family owned businesses. When you own a family business you take pride in your service and you value your customers. Doesn’t it feel great when you stop by your local market on the way home, and the cashier knows you by your first name, it’s the same thing with a direct store.
  • Fourth reason is the fun part, Prices! You save a lot of money with the pricing that you get at direct stores as opposed to chain stores. When you break it down, you are way better off because there is no tacked on fees that a lot of the chain stores add. In fact, most of the time companies that are direct get special pricing only available to them, and this provides major saving for people like us.
  • And finally the fifth entry, a good deed done. When you purchase from a direct company you are contributing to the community, its workers, and the families that the business supports. Because of you, these companies will have the potential to do great things for their communities as well. What is that movie, oh yeah, Pay It Forward.

We hope that these benefits have spoken to you and help you make the jump to buy carpet direct, by supporting our community, our country, and the many people that benefit from your most appreciated patronage.

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