DreamWeaver Residential Carpet Warranty Information

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When installed correctly and maintained properly (as outlined in this pamphlet), your DreamWeaver®, Dwellings®, Engineered Floors® Multifamily, or Pentz® branded carpet will remain looking newer and more beautiful longer. All of our DreamWeaver carpets are warranted against staining, fading, soiling, abrasion, manufacturing defects, and loss of texture retention. Most are also warranted against pet stains.


No one wants a permanent stain on their carpet. That is why we make all our carpets to be extremely stain resistant.  With proper care and prompt attention, our carpets will resist staining from a host of common food and beverage accidents, such as coffee, colas, ketchup, chocolate, and wine, as well as, household bleach and cleaners. Of course, this warranty excludes abusive conditions (paint, stain/varnish, hair dye, and adhesive) or unattended spills or accidents. You must keep the carpet cleaned and maintained according to guidelines established by the Carpet and Rug Institute.


We all enjoy a beautiful view and lots of natural light, but no one wants to worry about the possible damage and color fading that can be caused by prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight – especially from southern exposures. That is why our carpets are made beautifully fade resistant with our PureColor® solution-dyed fiber. You can even spot clean with household bleach and the color will not fade.


Engineered Floors® warrants your carpet made with our PureColor® Polyester, PureColor® Soft Polyester, PureColor® Nylon, or PureColor® Soft Nylon will not be permanently stained from exposure to pet urine, vomit, or feces from domestic cats and dogs. This warranty covers the physical appearance of a pet stain. This warranty does not cover odor, as odor can emanate from below the surface of the carpet, even from the pad under the carpet, if pet deposits are allowed to dwell for a period of time before extraction. The carpet must be installed correctly, be subject to normal use in a residential dwelling, and be maintained according to recommendations as outlined in our warranty brochure. Allowances will not be offered where there is evidence that pet stains are not accidental, but are a regular occurrence. Terms and Conditions apply.


Nothing dulls the appearance of a new carpet faster than soiling from outside dirt and everyday living. That is why we equip all of our carpets with our own soil and stain shield treatment. Our treatment keeps dirt from clinging to the carpet fibers so it’s easier to vacuum. Did you know regular vacuuming also prolongs the life of your carpet? It does! Always keep the carpet cleaned and maintained according to guidelines established by the Carpet and Rug Institute. 


Everything wears from use and carpet is no exception, but you certainly don’t want your new carpet  to wear out before its time, and neither do we! That is why we warrant our carpet to stand up to normal wear and lose no more than 10% of pile fiber during its warranty period. Of course, the carpet has to be installed correctly and the abrasive wear has to be normal residential foot traffic - not abusive use.


At Engineered Floors®, we use the best materials and workmanship, but no one is perfect. So in the very rare instance there is a manufacturing defect, you’re protected.


Texture gives your new carpet the look and feel you want. So why not keep it longer? We warrant your new carpet against significant twist loss from foot traffic for the warranty period. This does not cover abusive wear or carpet that has been incorrectly installed. 


These warranties specifically exclude any carpet that has been treated after installation with any foreign agents, non-residential installations, abnormal abuse, and carpet exposed to hot substances or other abusive conditions that deteriorate the appearance of the pile fibers. Specifically excluded from this warranty is crushing caused by furniture and damage caused by tears, pulls, burns, wheel traffic, or athletic equipment. Also excluded is carpet installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairs, carpets in commercial facilities, outdoor areas and anywhere other than owner occupied residences. This warranty does not cover damage due to flooding as a result of weather events or plumbing or appliance failure. DreamWeaver® recommends a new pad with a maximum thickness of 7/16 inch and a minimum density of 6 pounds for optimum performance. Warranties are voided if you fail to follow recommended carpet care and routine maintenance of the product or recommended installations guidelines.


If you are unhappy with your DreamWeaver® carpet and believe you have a warranty claim, contact the retailer from whom you purchased the carpet and they will file a claim on your behalf. You will need to provide your proof of purchase, a full description of your claim and receipt(s) for recommended professional cleaning by hot water extraction. Photographs and/or samples of the carpet may be required. These warranties are not transferable. Please note: We comply with state law where it addresses  warranty exclusions, limitations, etc.



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