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Laminate Misconceptions


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In the past, laminate was only seen as a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring. Today, it has drastically changed. Laminate flooring has come a long way in production and price which makes it one of the top flooring options in the market. Its extensive history in the flooring business created a strong foundation for people’s impressions of the product itself. With advances in technology and the ever-changing industry, many previous assumptions of laminate flooring can be misconstrued. In our experience at Georgia Carpet Industries, we have discovered many common misconceptions of laminate through customers. Here are a few we noticed:

The first myth we found to be most important to consumers was durability. Because of its man-made nature and affordable cost, people assumed it was flimsy/weaker than other flooring options and easily damaged. This is the farthest thing from the truth! Laminate is constructed of four different layers called the base, substrate, pattern, and the wear layer. Combined, these layers form a strong, scratch-resistant product that you will never have to worry about holding up.


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Another impression customers had was that laminate was harder to maintain. They believed cleaning it was more time-consuming than other flooring choices. Well, we have good news; laminate can be cleaned with a simple sweep (or vacuum) and mop! Since the planks are installed so tightly, the smooth surface keeps dust and debris for getting trapped into small seams.

Oftentimes people mistake laminate for the sheets of linoleum flooring found in older homes. This led them to think that laminate could not easily be replaced or repaired. The difficulty found in spot-treating linoleum was transferred over, though these two products are actually worlds apart! A major difference here is that laminate flooring is sold in planks, unlike linoleum. If a specific area needs to be redone due to wear, stains, or scratches, popping out the old plank is simple. Each plank can be taken out individually, making spot treatment a breeze. For smaller nicks and scrapes, a simple wax pencil or repair kit will do the trick.

Along with the confusion between linoleum and laminate, customers are also under the impression that laminate looks cheap or fake because of the older flooring that sets a precedent for it. Laminate is crafted from a mix of synthetic and natural materials that actually makes it more realistic than its counterparts. Technology and construction have changed immensely over the years. Advances in materials, machinery, and overall production attribute to laminate’s stunning look. Nowadays there are many different styles, designs, and texture to choose from!

Lastly, the biggest misconception of all, price. Many label laminate as an expensive choice for flooring since it is not 100% hardwood. This price point is actually cost-effective. Considering its high-quality and many benefits, laminate flooring is a wonderful alternative to many hardwoods, carpet, and tile materials. It has the same look without the added expense of solid materials but all features of synthetic products.

If you are considering laminate flooring for your home, we hope our debunking of these misconceptions helped you finalize that decision. Overall, laminate is affordable, attractive, and durable which makes it the right option for you! We are here for all your laminate and flooring needs so come visit us in-store or online at


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