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Your home is more than just a building that protects you and your family from the elements. It should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable expressing your personality. You should also be able to decorate your home in a way that makes you happy, and having the right flooring is necessary.

The same can be said about your commercial space. Not only should it be functional, but it should be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming as well.

Shopping for flooring can be tedious and confusing, but finding the right carpet manufacturer can make the process less daunting and frustrating. It can also transform your home or office into a pleasant place people enjoy spending time in.

At Georgia Carpet Industries, we work hard to carry styles from the best carpet manufacturers. That's why we stock a huge selection of carpet brands that are manufactured right here in Dalton, GA. Shop for brands like Shaw, Mohawk, Phenix, Dream Weaver, Stanton and more, all in one location. Stop into our showroom and view some of your favorite brands on display, so you can not only see the difference, you can also feel it.

Not local to Dalton, GA? That's okay! The beauty of buying flooring online is that you don't need to be local to enjoy carpet at wholesale prices. In fact, at Georgia Carpet, we pass our wholesale carpet pricing to you, the valued customer, without you having to drive to Georgia. Along with our exceptional customer service, free samples are provided on all carpet manufacturers listed so that you can see your carpet options in your own home and decide which one works the best for your space.

We work directly with the manufacturers on your behalf to guarantee that what you order is exactly what you want and need. We've featured some carpet manufacturers in the USA on this page that we have built fantastic relationships with, allowing you to shop the best carpet wholesale suppliers in the industry. View pricing, get a shipping rate, call our service desk and let Georgia Carpet Industries help you "buy where the dealers buy." Enjoy discount quality carpet from the best, whether you prefer to shop online, in-store or over the phone.

Best Carpet Manufacturers to Use for Flooring

When it comes to residential carpet, Mohawk® Residential Carpet is one of the biggest and most widely recognized names in the industry. As one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world, Mohawk has been manufacturing high-quality carpet since 1878.

While you may be familiar with the brand name, what you might not know is that Mohawk is an environmentally friendly company and every year, it uses more than three billion recycled plastic bottles to make its EverStrand carpet. All Mohawk carpets are assembled in the United States, and there are carpet styles and lines to fit any budget and taste.

When you choose Mohawk carpet, you can select from a wide range of colors and styles to fit any room in your home. The residential carpet line also includes highly durable pet-friendly and kid-friendly products, so everyone in your family can feel right at home on a Mohawk carpet.

Mohawk is constantly improving the performance of its carpet with innovative solutions, so its products look better and last longer than similarly priced options. Depending on what you need, Mohawk has multiple patented fiber brands and collections to choose from. Some of the options include SmartStrand, which is highly stain-resistant and durable flooring; Air.O, which is hypoallergenic, easy-to-clean flooring; Forever Fresh, which is highly odor-resistant flooring; Wear-Dated, which is a long-lasting and highly stain- and fade-resistant flooring; or EverStrand, which is an eco-friendly, highly durable and easy-to-maintain flooring.

Mohawk backs its residential carpet styles with different kinds of warranties that vary from style to style. For more details about Mohawk's carpet warranties, please read the Mohawk Carpet Warranty Brochure.

Mohawk® Commercial Carpets

Mohawk carpets aren't just for your home. In fact, Mohawk is also one of the largest commercial carpet manufacturers in the United States. As a commercial carpet supplier, Mohawk combines style and value in the same package.

Mohawk is known for its "American Made" stamp, creating lasting carpets for businesses across the U.S. and beyond. The brand offers a full range of flooring solutions, but commercial carpeting is their forte. In addition to commercial carpet, Mohawk has an extensive carpet tile line, catering to businesses with light to heavy foot traffic. Their residential carpet line is full of color and fiber choices that sustain their color and make a lasting floor, while the commercial line focuses more on performance and durability.

Phenix Carpets

Phenix has been one of the leading manufacturers of residential carpet since 2006, and Georgia Carpet is proud to offer this well-known brand. Phenix Carpets have various residential lines that feature solution-dyed premium nylon and PET fibers. With its innovative technologies and above industry standards, the Phenix Residential Carpet Line is a great alternative for any residential area.

Choose from a wide range of styles and colors to suit your décor, or opt for a neutral carpet color for the ultimate flexibility. Phenix offers high-quality, durable residential products at affordable prices and continues to be a customer favorite year after year.

Phenix also has innovative patented technologies offered with their residential carpet line, such as SureSoft SD, various Stainmaster features or Microban treatment. Each of their residential carpet styles come with one or more of these features, so you can't go wrong choosing Phenix Carpet.

In addition to the colors, styles and unique features, Phenix flooring is easy to maintain and clean (see Phenix Residential Carpet Care & Maintenance Instructions for more details). Phenix also backs its products with various warranties, although exact warranty details vary from style to style (for more information, please read the Phenix Residential Carpet Warranty).

Dixie Home


Bolyu is one of the greatest luxury carpet manufacturers, and Georgia Carpet is an authorized seller of Bolyu carpets. At Beaulieu, the designers created what the mind could only imagine, resulting in beautiful, affordable and highly unique carpet styles.

The brand's commercial line was labeled Bolyu, while the residential line maintained the Beaulieu name. After Beaulieu was sold to Engineered Floors, the name stayed at the forefront of carpet tile excellence.

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver is the residential carpet department of the Engineered Floors Multifamily. Dream Weaver residential carpet has a wide range of styles and many colors to choose from, so you can easily find the right carpet for any space. Dream Weaver carpets fit any budget, and there are various levels of carpets to choose from for every need.

Dream Weaver carpets use nylon or polyester materials, offering plenty of durability and long-lasting style. Dream Weaver provides a PureColor patented solution-dyed fiber brand, which helps them manufacture high-performance and easy-to-maintain residential carpets. PureColor Nylon and Polyester fibers, which are superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers, offer exceptional durability with advanced soil and stain resistance.

Dream Weaver also offers PureBac Backing, their patented backing that is applied to select styles, and this lightweight, extremely flexible backing makes installation much easier, resulting in outstanding results that look good from the moment they are installed for years into the future.

Dream Weaver's pet-friendly residential carpets offer extended warranties for staining, fading, soiling abrasion, pet stains, defects or loss of texture retention (type of warranty varies from style to style). For more information on warranty and maintenance details, please check out the Dream Weaver Residential Carpet Warranty & Maintenance page.

Engineered Floors Contract Commercial Carpet

Engineered Floors Contract is the commercial flooring department of the Engineered Floors Multifamily, which also owns J & J Flooring Group and Pentz Commercial Flooring Solutions. EF contract became part of the Engineered Floors Multifamily in 2018, and the Engineered Flooring Contract Broadloom keeps increasing their market share in the commercial carpet market. Engineered Floors offers commercial carpets in multiple styles and color options that would work in any office or retail setting.

Engineered Floors Contract's broadloom fibers are made from either nylon or polyester (which fiber used varies from style to style) for durability and vibrant color. All fiber options are solution-dyed, with a range of color choices available for each carpet style. Polyester fiber carpets are also called Kinetex Riber carpets.

The brand's nylon fiber has two types: type 6 and type 6.6. In addition, these nylon fibers come with three types of dye methods: Encore SD Ultimate Fiber, Encore BCF and Encore RE. Each of these fiber and dye method combinations come with a limited lifetime warranty through the manufacturer for peace of mind.

Regardless of fiber material, all EF Contract's broadloom carpets are durable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. EF Contract also offers product treatment options, such as ProTex Soil Release, ProSept Antimicrobial or Sentir Advance Odor-Blocking Technology, that improve cleanability, performance or stain resistance on their broadloom flooring. By choosing an add-on product treatment option, you can customize your carpet's strength and stain resistance to match your lifestyle.

Each EF Contract broadloom comes with their standard backing, which is a high-quality woven polypropylene backing, and the backing can be upgraded to one of three broadloom backing options that offer different features. These backings are ILoc, which offers superior construction for high stability; TitanBac, which is the moisture management backing system; and Endure Plus, which offers increased performance, comfort and durability with its cushion backing. Please read the EF Contract Broadloom Instillation Guide or EF Contract Carpet Maintenance Guide for helpful information provided by Engineered Flooring Contractor.

Engineered Floors Contract Commercial Carpet Tile

Can't commit to wall-to-wall carpet? Engineered Floors Contract Commercial Carpet Tiles may be the solution you've been looking for. The carpet tiles line is one of the newest lines of the Engineered Floors in the Engineered Floors Multifamily, which also owns J & J Flooring Group and Pentz Commercial Flooring Solutions.

Carpet tiles are a favorite for commercial users because individual tiles can be changed if stained or damaged rather than replacing the entire floor. This saves money, reduces maintenance and retains a fresh appearance. Engineered Floors Contract became part of Engineered Floors Multifamily in 2018. Engineered Flooring Contract Carpet Tile has multiple style and color options to choose from that would work in any commercial setting.

EF Contract's carpet tile line is made from either nylon or polyester fibers (which fiber used varies from style to style). All their fiber is solution dyed for long-lasting color. EF Contract's polyester fiber is called Kinetex, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The brand's nylon fiber, which has type 6 and type 6.6, comes with three options depending on the dye method: Encore SD Ultimate Fiber, Encore BCF and Encore RE.

Each of the nylon fiber options also comes with a lifetime warranty. EF Contract also offers product treatment options, such as ProTex Soil Release, ProSept Antimicrobial or Sentir Advance Odor-Blocking Technology, that improve the cleanability, performance or stain-resistance of their commercial carpet tile flooring.

Each EF Contract commercial carpet tile flooring comes with Nexus Modular backing, which is EF Contract's standard carpet tile backing, and the backing can be upgraded to Nexus Cushion, which offers increased performance, comfort and durability. Overall, the EF Contract Commercial Carpet Tile line is very easy to maintain. Please read the EF Contract Carpet Maintenance Guide for helpful information provided by Engineered Flooring Contractor.

Anderson Tuftex Residential Carpet

Anderson Tuftex carpet, which is part of the Shaw Flooring family, is one of the most popular brands in the carpet market because it has many color and pattern options to choose from. This budget-friendly carpet is designed for families with pets and children and boasts excellent stain resistance and durability.

The carpets are made to be durable and fashionable, fitting in effortlessly into any home. The Anderson family brand created and maintained one of the most stylish flooring lines ever to exist. When Shaw bought the Anderson design label, Anderson took on the Tuftex line. Anderson Tuftex was born and is still known for its beauty and resistance to wear and tear.


Southwind has been manufacturing high-quality, affordable broadloom residential carpets since Cherokee Carpet acquired them in 1997. The brand offers many budget-friendly styles, colors and patterns that are great for families and homes with pets. The Southwind residential carpet line is durable and easy to maintain (see the Residential Carpet Care & Maintenance Guide for more details).

The carpets are made from nylon or PET polyester with trademarked fiber brands for its residential carpet line. Southwind also backs up its products with various warranties (please see the Southwind Residential Carpet Warranty Brochure for more details). The Southwind residential carpet line is made in the USA for quality you can count on.

Shaw® Carpets

Shaw Floors is hands-down the most recognized carpet manufacturer in the United States. However, that level of notoriety doesn't come easy and was hard-won through years of producing high-quality, high-style carpets. Shaw Carpets has serviced the entire flooring industry and has acquired numerous smaller companies, giving them the advantage for producing high-end residential carpet.

Shaw pays attention to detail to produce quality carpet for active families. Stock is almost always available, and they stand behind their product, making Shaw Carpets a great choice for almost any residential application.

Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet Line

Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet is one of the most popular commercial carpet lines in the industry. It has a wide range of options for anyone looking for commercial carpet. Shaw Philadelphia's broadloom has both solid color and pattern carpet options to choose from. Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet has styles for any kind of space.

In addition to wall-to-wall options, Shaw Philadelphia also offers commercial carpet tiles (please see the Shaw Commercial Carpet Tile page for more details) in a variety of styles. As a Shaw Alliance Member, Georgia Carpet Industries offers a wide range of products (some exclusive to us) for great value that cannot be found anywhere else.

Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Broadloom carpets, depending on the collection or style, come with a branded version of either nylon or polypropylene fibers, such as Eco Solution Q, Solution Q or Pivotal. In addition, their commercial carpet comes with one of Shaw Philadelphia's commercial backing options (their broadloom commercial carpet backing options are Ecowox Performance Broadloom, Unitary or StaLok). Depending on the type of branded fiber and backing, Shaw Philadelphia offers a 10-year to lifetime commercial warranty for their commercial broadloom carpets.

Shaw Commercial Carpet Tiles

As far as the commercial carpet market goes, the carpet tile market is growing faster than the broadloom carpet market, and Shaw is one of the leaders in the commercial carpet tile industry. With a wide range of collections, styles, patterns and colors to choose from, there is a Shaw Commercial Carpet Tile for any commercial space.

In fact, Shaw Commercial Carpet Tiles come in more colors and styles than other manufacturers offer, making Shaw the go-to choice for many commercial tile users. Most Shaw Commercial Carpet tiles measure 24" x 24" per square, but depending on the collection and tile style, Shaw also offers other tile sizes.

Shaw created different fibers, such as Solution Q and Pivotal, that offer high-performance styles for any commercial setting. In addition to these patented fibers, Shaw also offers a range of commercial tile backing options, such as EcoWorx tile or StrateWorx Tile. Depending on fiber, fiber treatment and backing, Shaw also backs its commercial carpet line products with 10 years to lifetime limited commercial warranties.

Stanton Carpets

Stanton Carpets, Rugs, and Runners are known for their bright patterns, lush colors and thick-quality weighted goods. Predominantly wool carpets, Stanton Residential Carpet ranges from tufted textures to flat weaves to wool blends. Their patterned designs are unique and fashionable, making them perfect for any home.

Stanton sells the highest quality rugs and branded carpets available and are a leader in quality products for the decorative market. Stanton has many specialty collections to choose from, which are sure to fit all of your carpet needs. If you're looking for quality and style, look no further than Stanton Residential Carpet.

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