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Discount Hardwood Flooring - Engineered and Solid

Quality Flooring For Your Home Or Business

Since the invention of household flooring options, hardwood flooring has been present, leading the charge. If you think about it, almost every floor option, WPC, luxury vinyl, laminate, contain the visual for a hardwood floor species. Asthetic appeal is what drives consumers to seek out a true hardwood product. You can buy hardwood flooring in 2 major types of cuts, solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. A solid hardwood floor is sliced right out the tree in one single piece, which gives you the sliced-cut visual, which enhances the grains lineal qualities, running straight down the board. A solid hardwood floor can also be sanded and refinished multiple time over, though most consumers don't ever get past the initial finished product. Engineered hardwood floors are considered by the NWFA (National Wood Floor Association) to be in the real hardwood flooring category, even though it has a plywood or hdf core. The veneer on the top is what drives the product to be categorized as such. Some engineered flooring products can be sanded and refinished, while most can only be screened, which is just the fixing of a certain area. Whether it be solid or engineered flooring, hardwoods will add value to a home, for its prices are not cheap. There are more durable options for flooring, yet none as stunning as a true hardwood floor. Bruce Hardwood Flooring is an industry leader in value and price. They've been in the industry since the beginning and stand to be only fore-father left in the industry. Their solid flooring hardwoods are next-to-none. With the advent of engineered hardwood flooring over 70 years ago, Anderson Tuftex has quality and leading edge design to a perfection. Bought out by Shaw Hardwood Flooring some decade ago, Anderson Tuftex still serves as Americas Choice for hand-scrapped engineered flooring categories.  In addition to these brands, we also carry hardwood manufactured by Mannington, Mohawk, Emily Morrow, Indusparquet, Homerwood, ChesapaekeTriangulo and Georgia Carpet's own private label solid hardwood and engineered flooring.  Own pets?  How to have a pet and own hardwood.


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