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Masland Residential Carpet

Masland has been manufacturing high-end carpet flooring since 1866.  They are one of the oldest carpet manufacturers in the US, offering the highest quality, innovative constructed, original and long-lasting broadloom carpet.  The Masland Residential Carpet line has a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. Their products are offered in both best quality wool or nylon fibers. The nylon fiber is actually a patented Stainmaster Luxerell nylon fiber brand.  The broadloom carpet patterns are designed to set new trends and satisfy any design needs.

Masland offers a two-year limited repair or replacement warranty on all its carpets. In addition to this, they offer additional supplement warranties provided by the yarn manufacturer. For more information about maintenance, care, and warranty please view; StainMaster Carpet Limited Warranty, Masland Nylon Carpet Warranty, Masland General Broadloom Warranty & Maintenance Guide and Wool Carpet Maintenance & Warranty