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Is Mohawk Revwood Plus Laminate Really Waterproof?





As one of the biggest flooring brands in the industry, Mohawk has a wide selection of designs and collections in LVP, carpet, laminate, and hardwood. One of the best of these is the RevWood Collection. This laminate flooring has a couple of branches like RevWood Plus and RevWood Select. All three of these lines have similar attributes. They are essentially a laminate decorative layer bonded to an HDF engineered core, perfectly designed to resist stains, scratches and dents while still displaying a realistic hardwood visual.

Another aspect of RevWood that makes it such a close second to hardwood itself is Mohawk’s GenuEdge™ Technology. GenuEdge rolls the embossed design layer image over the edge of the plank, creating a more lifelike, three-dimensional appearance of the woodgrain. Part of what makes this flooring so durable and water resistant is the Uniclic installation system it has. Each plank fits together without glue to form a floating floor. This creates a tight fit with constant tension. With such a fit, moisture cannot seep below the surface and cause water damage to the flooring and/or subfloor.


"RevWood Plus and Select must be installed in a specific way according to Mohawk’s instructions"



For those looking for easy installation and DIY options, these Uniclic planks are perfect for you. Oftentimes the difference between these flooring lines gets lost in all the great features they possess. A major question every customer has is whether or not Mohawk RevWood laminate is waterproof? To be as specific as possible, RevWood itself is not waterproof. On the other hand, RevWood Plus and RevWood Select are! The three variations of RevWood each hold their own defining characteristics.

For the regular RevWood Collection, it features a textured look to create a deep grain and hand scraped effect which adds contrast and depth. It has the biggest range of colors and styles out of the three collections. While this is handy for the pickiest of decor tastes, the lack of waterproofness has some customers leaning towards the Select and Plus collections. The difference between RevWood and its counterparts is the Hydroseal coating which repels water, so planks resist swelling from moisture. This makes the Select and Plus options completely waterproof. Regular RevWood is still great quality but it is only water resistant, not proofed.

Now in order to get the full waterproof feature to work, RevWood Plus and Select must be installed in a specific way according to Mohawk’s instructions. This means creating a watertight seal by applying flexible 100% silicone sealant or foam strip to the entire perimeter of the installation. While this does add more to the total price and installation time of your flooring, the benefits you will get from it outweigh the cost. The Plus and Select collections come with Mohawk’s “All Pet Plus Protect & Warranty.” This not only covers all pets and accidents for all the time but it also has scratch protection included. Whether you are looking for water resistant or waterproof, Mohawk has everything you could want! Durable flooring is their speciality. Georgia Carpet Industries is a proud flooring wholesaler that offers a wide range of Mohawk products. If you are looking for discount flooring online, come visit us at or in-store.



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