Southwind Floors LVP Maintenance and Care

Southwind Floors Maintenance and Care 


• It is recommended that you sweep & vacuum (set on hard surface/bare floor setting) the area
immediately after installation to remove potential damaging soil and debris. You can use your flooring
• Southwind recommends using a pH neutral vinyl floor cleaner as required. Examples of pH neutral floor
cleaners are Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner, ZEP, Diversey Stride, Hilway Direct HD pH Neutral
Cleaner, Armstrong’sOnce-n-Done, etc. NOTE: The listed cleaning agents are a representation of
flooring cleaners that Southwind recognizes as acceptable for our products. Other neutral pH cleaners
that contain no wax (paraffin) or soap (Sodium Hydroxide or Surfactant) may provide satisfactory results
as well. If you are unsure about a cleaner, you can check the cleaner simply by spraying the cleaner on
a flat piece of clear glass, allow it to dry. If it dries clear it is wax and soap free, if it dries cloudy then it
contains wax and/or soap and will leave a reside on your floor, over time the residue will build-up and
cause the floor to have a hazy appearance. Southwind does not warrant any of the cleaning agents or
conditions associated with them as the application of them is beyond our control.
• For commercial installations, we approve the use of a low speed (175 rpm) floor cleaning machine with
3M red orwhite pad. Southwind will not be responsible for damages associated with a floor cleaning
• Always rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry as the floor may be slippery when
wet. Air movers or fans will speed up drying time.
• Never saturate your flooring.
• Do not buff, wax, or use cleaning products that contain surfactants. Dish lotions, laundry detergents,
Murphy Oil Soap cleaners should not be used to maintain your flooring.
Never steam clean or use a steam mop on the floor.

• Furniture & appliances: When moving heavy furniture or appliances place a hard surface between the
item and the floor and roll or slide the item on it. DO NOT roll or slide them across the floor without this
protection. When possible, lift the object being careful to avoid injury. Furniture glides may cause
damage to your flooring.
• Felt pads on chair legs should be installed and replaced periodically, as they wear and accumulate
abrasive materials with use and can damage the floor. A minimum 1” diameter floor protector is
required. Larger furniture requires larger diameters.
• Hard surface mats are required under office chairs. Rolling traffic may damage your flooring and is not

We recommend the use of non-staining walk off mats at all entryways.

Note: Always use non-staining area rugs and mats as they can reduce the risk of permanently staining your flooring caused by latex

and rubber backed rugs. Woven rugs may have dye’s that can permanently stain your flooring. Using a
non- staining padding / mat under it will help reduce that risk.
• Southwind cannot recommend any brand of rugs or mats as we have no control over their production.
• High heels and spiked shoes, may mark, abrade, or otherwise damage the surface and finish of your
floor. This is not a warranted condition.
Corrective cleaning to remove residue build-up:
If a residue build-up forms on your Southwind Luxury Vinyl Flooring product, it may be removed by
following the information below.
Mix 1 part Ammonia to 3 parts Distilled Water (distilled water will be free of minerals found in tap water)
Pour mixture into a spray bottle, moisten a microfiber mop or cloth with the Ammonia solution by spraying
the solution onto the mop head or cloth, do not spray solution directly onto the flooring. Proceed to clean
the flooring.
Depending on how much built up is on the flooring, it may take multiple moppings to remove all the
Once you have cleaned all the residue off the flooring, you need to find a cleaner formulated for Luxury
Vinyl Flooring that is pH-neutral that contains no wax (paraffin) or soap (Sodium Hydroxide or Surfactant)
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