The 5 Best Questions One Should Ask When Buying Carpet

1. "Can I have a sample of this carpet and any other carpet similar this style and color?"

First and foremost, browse through the website and see what may work for you. Keep in mind that the way a carpet looks online or in the showroom is not necessarily how it will look in your home. Always, always, always get a sample of the carpet before you buy online or in-store. This could save you a ton of time in the buying process and a potentially expensive mistake if you discover your new shade of beige carpet doesn't actually match the trim at all. Pictures and images online cannot give you a grasp of how the carpet will feel to you, or look with your room's color choices. Asking for similar options will ensure that you have a range of slightly different textures, weights, and shades of color to choose from, giving you a better chance to find exactly what you want for your space. When asking for similar samples, be sure to specify that you'd like to stay within a certain price range.

2. "What type of stain protection does my carpet come with?"

Accidents happen, so make sure you're prepared by knowing what types of stain protection your new carpet comes with. Ask about not only general stain protection, but soil protection and static guard as well. Usually a homeowner only professionally cleans their carpeting 1 time a year, but a carpet should usually be cleaned about twice a year under light use, or up to four times a year with heavier traffic or for carpets with less built-in stain protection. Generally speaking, carpets with better built-in stain protection will need professional cleaning less often, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Always consider what it will take to keep your nylon carpet up to par when making a new flooring purchase.

3. "What type of carpet will work best for my particular application?"

The dealer will need to know your "taste" and where you are wanting to install the carpet to help you find a brand and style that will work for your needs. Be open and honest about your lifestyle, including how many people live at your residence and how often you plan on cleaning your new carpet. This information is some of the most important that you can offer a good sales person because it will help them point you toward a carpet that will work with your lifestyle and needs. I mean you would not want a shag in a basement, or a frieze on a patio. With a little bit of extra information, your sales person will be able to point you in the right direction for just about any application that you can imagine.

4. "What type of warranty will my carpet come with?"

A very important question, however warranties are not everything. In fact did you know that if you are a homeowner and you decide to remodel your house to sell it, that as soon as you do sell it the warranty is usually null and void because you are no longer the owner of the carpet? Most home carpet warranties do not transfer ownership, so be sure to check into it if you think you may be selling your home in the near future. If the warranty is a deal breaker to you, make sure you request a copy of the warranty before you purchase your carpet so that you have time to read through it carefully to determine exactly what is or is not covered. You can also usually find warranty information online on the manufacturer's website. Be sure to read through the warranty carefully when you have time as there are many things that you can unknowingly do to your carpet to void the warranty.

5. "What will the shipping be on my carpet?"

If you're buying from a local supplier, shipping is probably not a concern, but when ordering carpet online you can easily rack up shipping fees, which can greatly increase the cost of your new carpet. It is very expensive to ship carpet to certain locations, and in some odd situations you may actually get out better buying your carpet locally. But a lot has changed with shipping options and prices are usually competitive enough to make ordering online an attractive solution for many homeowners. It is important to ask up front about shipping so you can add the shipping to the price of the carpet so that you can stay in your budget. Nobody likes sticker shock! Keep in mind that the time of year might make a difference. Knowing when to buy carpet to take advantage of end-of-season sales can help you grab a great carpet at a great price.

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