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What Are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet Tiles are Versatile & Easy to Install

Carpet Tiles (Carpet Squares) are a great DIY project because they are easy to install. No tack strip, no kicking and stretching required. Some carpet tiles even come with a Peel & Stick adhesive system! This makes installation so quick and easy! And if a tile becomes damaged, you can effortlessly remove and replace the damaged tile with a new one without having to redo the entire floor.

Great For Commercial Usage

Carpet Tile is the fastest growing section in carpet. It is mainly used in commercial settings because it of the durability and and sound reduction it offers in high traffic areas.

More Than Just Squares - Can Be Laid in Various Patterns

Carpet tiles commonly come in a 24” x 24” size but recently manufacturers have started making subway tiles that are 12” x 24” to offer a different look. When installing carpet tiles the most common method is to quarter turn each tile but with today’s technology most can be installed in a monolithic which means all in the same direction. Ashlar which is all in the same direction but offset. Brick which is in the same direction but laid like you would stack bricks on a home. The last installation method would be random where you just lay the tiles which ever direction you want.

Carpet TilesThe style and color in carpet tile has changed throughout the years and manufactures now offer all types of color and designs in their tiles. Tiles that are linear are still the most popular because they fit in so many locations but with new technology patterns are becoming more prominent for the aesthetic appeal.

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