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Carpet Binding: Creating a custom rug out of your favorite carpet.

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Having trouble finding the perfect area rug for your home or office area? Maybe there is a certain space that can only have rugs but you can't seem to find one that fits the decor or maybe you just miss the plushness and warmth of traditional carpet. Or maybe you've found a carpet roll that would be perfect for a rug, but you don't want the whole room carpeted. If any of that sounds familiar, Georgia Carpet has a solution - custom rugs. Our rug binding service allows you to turn your favorite carpet into a custom area rug, giving you complete control over your flooring.

Well, with brands like Masland, Stanton, and Fabrica you never have to wish for the impossible. Carpet binding has become a large part of how these brands do business and at Georgia Carpet, we're here to help facilitate that by offering carpet binding. With carpet binding edging, these well-loved brands can allow customers to create their own custom area rugs in sizes and shapes that work for their unique spaces. Rug binding involves wrapping a strip of fabric around the edge of the carpet and stitching it in place to prevent unraveling. This practice creates a polished look and also prevents other problems like unraveling, loose strings and other signs of wear. Usually the binding fabric is made from polyester or cotton (sometimes sisal) in a color that either matches the carpet or contrasts against it to create interest. The most common and affordable carpet binding is polyester, which is a synthetic material that ages gracefully and easily conforms to the shape of the edge of the carpet. The type of binding used will depend on the type carpet you are wanting to make into a rug because not all bindings can be stitched on all types of carpets. Fortunately, at Georgia Carpet, we already know which bindings can be used with which rugs and we're happy to help you through the process.

Online Ordering

Creating a custom carpet is easier than ever with our online ordering process. Simply design your custom carpet online and then send the design to our team. We'll then take the design you made and bring your area rug to life, cutting, binding and sewing your area rug to your specifications. From ordering custom cut carpet to choosing the rug binding color, the entire process can be done from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money. Nationwide shipping of the finished product is available.



Custom Rug Colors and Shapes

One of the most fun aspects of customizing a rug is being able to pick virtually any color of binding you want. You can choose to match the color of the binding to the color of your carpet for a subdued, monochromatic look, or you can choose a bold accent color to help draw attention to the rug and the design on it. Being able to choose your own binding color gives you complete control over the way the rug looks, right down to the smallest detail.

When it comes to the shape and size of the rug, custom rugs can be adjusted to your needs. Standard-sized rugs are made to be symmetric, but oftentimes won't work in your space. For rooms that aren't rectangular, or for rugs that just need to be a little bit different than the standard square or rectangle shape for other reasons, a custom area rug may be a better option. A custom rug can be cut and bound to fit anywhere because they are designed for your space. Even for the oddest rooms, a rug can be made to blend seamlessly with your area. Gone are the restraints of standard sizes and shapes, and in is the customization options that give you the freedom to bring your area rug ambitions to life.

Affordable Area Rugs

Custom area rugs may sound expensive, but carpet binding is more affordable than you think. Wondering how much does carpet binding cost? You might think that a custom made rug would cost more than a store-bought rug, but that's where you'd be wrong. Regular area rugs can actually cost more than bound carpets, so if budgeting plays a large impact on your rug choice, look into custom carpet bound rugs. Taking advantage of carpet edge binding is a great way to get beautiful, long-lasting area rugs for cheap. You will not only save money and time by choosing a custom bound carpet rug, but you will never have to settle on a size that doesn't fit your space or a look that doesn't suit your decor. Carpet binding is beautiful and budget friendly.

Easy Ordering

Scouring the stores for something that meets your minimum standards is out of the question when you can access tons of different custom-size and custom-made area rugs online at Georgia Carpet. By creating a custom rug out of your favorite carpet, you can create exactly what you want. Need a T-shaped area rug? You've got it. Need an oversized area rug? We can do that too. The sky's the limit when you order your custom rug online from Georgia Carpet. Brands like Stanton make the custom carpet process a breeze and have become the leading experts in this exciting home design field. On the brand's website they have a special visualizer tool that lets you pick out the carpet style, color, finish, size and even backing. By selecting their "Create a Rug" option from their homepage, you get to choose and see exactly what you are buying. The perfect rug is just a few clicks away. Many other high-end companies offer a similar tool on their websites as well so you can try out your rug virtually before you buy it.

At Georgia Carpet Industries, we can bind just about any carpet style you want. For questions on our carpet binding service or any other discount flooring needs, please visit us in-store or online at We have the widest selection of durable flooring available including tons of carpet options. Find the right flooring for any budget by shopping at Georgia Carpet.


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